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Introducing Casey Moss

Meet the actor playing Jennifer's juvenile delinquent son on 'Days of Our Lives'


Introducing Casey Moss

Casey Moss

Courtesy: NBC/Justin Lubin
Cast as Days of Our Lives' incorrigible JJ Deveraux, actor Casey Moss has been wreaking all kinds of havoc in Salem. Despite being an acting novice -- the soap was only his fourth scripted audition -- Moss seems to have mastered the character with effortless ease and made him one of daytime's most watchable newcomers. “It wasn't scary,” says Moss of tackling the assignment. “It was more exciting. I was up for the challenge.” The young actor took some time out from JJ's shenanigans to discuss his own bad boy past and reveal his first love.

The path to Salem

“To tell you the truth, I am a musician at heart. Some people I knew were in acting classes. So I took a bunch of classes myself and fell in love with it. I never really acted before Days. I never did any plays... This was my fourth audition. I totally realize that the odds [of landing something so quickly] are slim to none, that this rarely ever happens.”

Connecting to JJ

“When i was younger I had a little bit of the bad boy thing going on. Obviously, the things that JJ does, the situations that he gets himself into, I would have never gotten myself into. I didn't bust up cars or do anything that I could go to jail for. (He laughs.) But I was somewhat of that kid. I manipulated my parents and my teachers. Everybody does that to try to get out of trouble. So I can relate to JJ. All I've got to do is up the stakes, and I'm there.”

Film idols

“I really like Marlon Brando and James Dean. I also love James Franco. I watch a lot of their movies. I watch a lot of Marlon Brando scenes and James Dean scenes and pull a little bit from that. I also pull from life experiences, because I've been angry to the point where I can't even express myself. That's where JJ's characteristics come from.”

Team Deveraux

“I love working with Missy Reeves (Jennifer) and Kate Mansi (Abigail). They're always emotionally available... Missy is very motherly. She's very caring and has always been very supportive. Kate's been very friendly and nice to. I really appreciate that.”

Partner in crime

“It's a blast working with Jen Lilley (Theresa). She's very funny and always makes funny choices. So it's always very exciting. A couple of people have picked up that JJ and Theresa are fighting their attraction to one other. It is very odd. He kind of knows she's using him, but being attracted to an older girl like that... His hormones are going crazy. So he does stupid things to get what he wants, even though it might not be worth it.”

JJ versus Daniel

“I really enjoy playing scenes opposite Shawn Christian (Daniel). They're sort of funny, but while we're shooting them, we like to stay in character. We joke about them sometimes, afterwards, but when we're on set we don't.”

Music Man

“I've been playing guitar for about nine years. I've been in a couple of different bands, but they fell apart. I would love to do more music. It's absolutely my first love. I'm constanty practicing and writing with my girlfriend, Makenna Cortney. She writes the lyrics, and I'm the melody guy. I also play the guitar and sing. I would love to eventually come out with an album and go on tour.”

Family of fans

“My mom was ecstatic when I got Days, because she loves Missy Reeves. She used to watch the show all the time. Then, I found out that my grandparents watch, too. They've watched for 25 years, and I had no idea. I think that's hilarious.”

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