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Introducing Nathan Owens

Get to Know the New Cameron on 'Days of Our Lives'


Introducing Nathan Owens

Nathan Owens

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
A quick Google search of Days of Our Lives newcomer Nathan Owens takes Internet surfers to sites like modelmayhem.com and mostbeautifulman.com. The mere mention of the latter elicits a chuckle from Owens. “I did not know I was there,” says Owens. “That's interesting... hilarious.” The handsome model-turned-actor is hoping to buck his pretty boy image, now that he's gotten his big break as Salem's Dr. Cameron Davis. Owens opens up about that, taking on the new role, and his past with R&B singer Rihanna.

Not just another pretty face
“I would love for [viewers] to see more than that. I was also raised that way. My mom taught us that it was, literally, brains first. You have to be a good person and also a smart person. That's how I 've modeled myself.”

Mr. Corporate America
“I used to work in corporate America at Verizon Wireless. I was a sales representative and climbed my way up the ladder. Then, one day, my sister was like, 'You should try something different.' She suggested the modeling thing. I sent some photos off to an agency in San Francisco, they hooked me up, and that life was started. Two years into that, I decided to explore acting. I got into class, got a manager, and started going on auditions. Simple as that.”

Modeling memories
“There's a lot of time alone. You're flying all over the place by yourself. It gives you time to figure out who you are... I also did a lot of people watching, saw different cultures and places, like Paris, London, Jamaica... That 's actually the fun part of modeling. I gained some great relationships and awesome friends and got to see some very beautiful places.”

In bed with Rihanna
“I got to work with Rihanna on the music video, California King Bed. She was really cool and was joking with me. One of the highlights of that is that Jay-Z was there hanging out with us. Oddly enough, Rihanna and I were lying in bed and I had my shirt off, when I looked up and, six feet away, Jay-Z was there. He had a cigar in his mouth and was just looking at us. There were four guys behind him. It was the most awkward meeting I've ever had.”

Under the magnifying glass
“I worried about the reaction I would receive replacing someone. (Schuyler Yancey originated the role of Cameron.) Obviously, people are used to seeing somebody else. They become fans of somebody else. When another person takes on that character, you immediately get criticism. People are watching you under the magnifying glass. So I was a bit nervous. That's why I decided not to look at any of his tapes or watch anything on line. I didn't want what he did with the role to interfere with how I approach certain things.”

About Cameron
“Cameron has some exciting secrets that the fans will definitely love. I can tell you that much. It's been fun delving into them.”

About Cameron and Abigail
Kate Mansi (Abigail) and I have been developing our team work as actors. We have a lot of good examples from other couples on the show, who have been working together for a long time. We can see great chemistry between them, and we’re [developing] our own chemistry. We're getting to the point where we can see where each other wants to go and read each other. We're getting better at that. It's starting to become easier.

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