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Meredith Scott Lynn: "Anne Is a Callous, Hardened Bitch"

The 'Days of Our Lives' Mean Girl Talks Life in Salem


Meredith Scott Lynn:

Meredith Scott Lynn

Courtesy: Cathryn Farnsworth
Ask Meredith Scott Lynn to sum up her Days of Our Lives alter ego Anne Milbauer and she doesn't mince words. “Anne is just a callous, hardened bitch. End of story,” contends the actress, whose character's hatefulness toward Salem sweetheart Jennifer Horton has left some viewers fuming. How is Scott Lynn handling the heat? Remarkably well and without making any apologies. “I want the people who love Jennifer to hate me and the people who hate Jennifer to love me; however they want to express it,” she says matter-of-factly.

While Scott Lynn, who comes to daytime via a career in primetime and film, is still acclimating to the fast paced medium, she calls it to be “a blast” and the leading men aren't bad either. Now if only the show's writers would fulfill her Salem fantasy... Hint: involves Dr. Dan.

First things first, does everyone always comment on your uncanny resemblance to Barbra Streisand?
Yes, I hear it all the time. I have my whole life, and it's such a compliment. It's probably the best thing about me. She's Barbra. She's God. I love her... I do watch myself sometimes when I'm acting, and I have her... I vibe like her a bit. I'm glad about that. I want to hold onto that.

Every time you enter a scene, I'm waiting for you to start singing Don't Rain on My Parade.
(She laughs and starts singing the lyrics.) What's that show where they just break into musical numbers? Glee. Maybe we can do that on Days. I'll just walk into the hospital and start singing Don't Rain on My Parade, although I can't sing at all.

Onto Days. You've spent your career doing nighttime and film. How did you wind up on a soap?
I did a play called Slow Dance in Midtown in April of 2012. It was written by Elizabeth Sarnoff, who wrote Deadwood and Lost and was a big executive producer in primetime. Marnie (Saitta), the casting director from Days, came to see it, which is a miracle. It's the first play I've done in 20 years. She had seen me in things, but didn't know me, because I'd never auditioned for a soap in my entire career. She asked me to come in and read this scene for Days. I was going to do three little episodes. I thought, That would be fun to try a soap. Then, it just kept going. I'm having the best time.

Despite her nastiness, Anne seems to have really taken off. Have you ever encountered anyone like her in real life?
No. Have you? My gosh. She's horrible.

She's the mean girl, who never grew up.
I think the mean girls, who were the pretty, popular fabulous girls, probably tortured Anne her whole life. So she became a mean girl as soon as she could. We can't make her much deeper than she is.

You work mainly with Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), your onscreen partner in crime. Have the two of you bonded?
It's been amazing. I'm a funny person, but Nadia is really funny, which you might not know to watch the show. She's hilarious. She's an opera singer. She speaks a million languages. She's also been very supportive. When I first got there, I was out of my element. This one take structure was a bit scary for someone like me. Nadia helped me to chill and have a good time. It really helped... So it's been a blast. The two of us sit in my dressing room and chat about a million things. Then, they call us over the loud speaker and we turn into these two horrible people that don't resemble who we are in life.

What's it been like working with Melissa Reeves (Jennifer)?
Missy is amazing. She's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, which is why Anne hates her. The nerve! Missy is fantastic. She's had this incredible experience of being on this show for 20 plus years... She hasn't been out in the world with the sharks. It's kept her very sane and sweet. The rest of us are out there clawing our way through life.

You've done a lot of primetime and film. What are some of your favorite moments?
The most fun I've had and my favorite roles have been in the smaller independent movies I've done – I Love You Don't Touch Me, Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss... I loved Legally Blonde, and Forces of Nature was a blast. We had the best time shooting that movie and Sandra Bullock is incredible. Last year, I actually got to kiss Jessica Lange's cheek in American Horror Story. I played her hairdresser. That was a highlight. I got to do a whole scene with her, and she's so brilliant. The whole time you're working with her you have to stay really focused, because it's impossible to act when you're looking at Jessica Lange. You're like, “Blah, blah, blah.”

So what's in store for Anne moving forward, more meanness?
Listen, she is only mean, but there are a couple of moments that happen where you see that she's at least human. There are moments when Chloe's son is around, and Anne is not hacking the boy to bits. She's playing with him. But the truth is she's just a bitchy bad news girl.

If you could pen a story for Anne, what would you like to see happen?
What I'd like to see happen – and I'm going to keep pitching this until the writers read it and do it – is have some situation where Anne either tries to manipulate Dr. Dan into a kiss or holds him tight, so Jennifer sees it and thinks he's cheating on her. Either that or Anne gets really drunk, passes out, and has some dreams. They could shoot a fantasy sequence where Anne ends up on the deck of a yacht with Dr. Dan putting oil on her.

Well, Shawn Christian's Daniel is the resident hunk at the hospital. It's only normal that you'd want to get on the Dr. Dan bandwagon.
Actually, I'm an Eric Martsolf fan. I like Brady. Listen, there's no one on that show except for maybe Victor or Stefano that I don't think Anne should sleep with. (She laughs.) I think Anne should go sleep around the town.

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