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Nadia Bjorlin: Chloe Is Not Giving up on Daniel

The 'Days of Our Lives' Actress Opens up about Her Character's True Love


Actress Nadia Bjorlin attends Heifer International’s 2nd Annual 'Beyond Hunger: A Place at the Table' to Help End World Hunger and Poverty at Montage Hotel on September 19, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
When Nadia Bjorlin left Days of Our Lives in September 2011, Chloe Lane was a down and out prostitute trying to reclaim her life, her self respect and her son, Parker. Since returning in January 2013, the character has achieved all of the above and is now fixated on reconciling with her ex, Daniel. While her methods have been a tad questionable, Bjorlin swears she can explain. She also opens up about playing a mom and discusses the ever-present Phloe, Broe and Danloe fan bases.

What’s the main difference being back at Days this time around, aside from Chloe having been transformed into a bit of a shrew?
(Laughs) Chloe’s just tired of being victimized, this time around. She’s come back stronger and more confident, and she’s not taking any crap from anyone, basically. For better or worse...

Was it hard re-acclimating to the daytime grind and reconnecting with Shawn Christian (Daniel)?
Day one, I had two or three episodes, back to back. And there were a lot of words. I was like, “Wow.” So it was a little nerve racking. But it’s been pretty easy falling back into that groove with Shawn. We know each other so well, and I’ve always really liked working with him.

So does Chloe really love Daniel or is she just obsessed and unable to let him go?
She does love Daniel, but I think she’s more in love with the idea of what he represents. Once the whole truth came out about the tragic debacle of a paternity test gone wrong, Chloe thought she was going to come back to town and things would be a lot more simple. She thought she was really going to be able to give Parker the life she never had. Chloe has the greatest of intentions, but she’s in love with the idea and fairytale of having the perfect family. She’s made some irrational and impulsive decisions to try and make that happen, without realizing she could be causing more harm than good.

Many of those irrational decisions have involved Jennifer. What’s it been like playing this triangle with Melissa Reeves?
Missy is so nice and so sweet. The hardest part is being mean to her. I find myself having to apologize to her as a person, after our scenes. I’m like, “I’m so sorry I have to do this to you.”

How have you enjoyed daytime motherhood –- specifically, working with Luke and Evan Kruntchev, who play Parker?
Actually, only Evan has played Parker, because he’s so good. His brother hasn’t had to do anything. He’s off camera playing. I am absolutely in love with my little boy. He’s just so sweet and so fun. That’s been really nice. I was a little worried, at first. I wondered how it was going to be [working with a child]. But it’s been pretty cool.

You looked a little petrified in the beginning.
(Laughs) The funny thing is I’m not petrified of kids, but when you’re working with somebody else’s child, it’s different. You want be respectful and kind and treat him well. You want to make sure you don’t do anything that will freak him out. It’s hard to find that fine line of what’s okay. How loving should you be? Do you want to kiss all over him or hug all over him? There’s the getting to know you process. Evan has definitely started to feel more comfortable and really taken to me and Shawn. As he’s felt more comfortable, then you feel like you can hug him and squeeze him and love him a little bit more.

Do you keep in touch with Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) and have you told him that Parker is no longer his son?
No, I haven’t talked to Jay in a while. I don’t know what he’s up to, but he’s going to be devastated. (Laughs) The funny thing is, [Parker] looks like him. When they cast him I was like, “He kind of looks like Philip.”

You’ve been part of three popular pairings on Days – Philip/Chloe, Brady/Chloe and Daniel/Chloe. Are the fan bases for each still alive and kicking?
Yes. Those Broe and Phloe fans are diehard. They’re still a very heavy presence at the studio. They still send things. They’re pretty much on the same goal line as the Danloe fans are.

So, despite how the story is being written, there are Danloe fans pulling for Daniel and Chloe to reconcile?
Oh yeah. Absolutely. There’s tons of response for that. They’re rooting for Daniel and Chloe to be together, no matter what kind of crazy things Chloe is doing right now. There are people who are not giving up hope, and Chloe is not either. I mean, Daniel’s her baby daddy.

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