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Renee Jones Interview

Reflecting on Her 'Days of Our Lives' Run from Sexy Bad Girl to Mom of the Year


Renee Jones Interview

Renee Jones

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

As Days of Our Lives' Dr. Lexie Carver, Renee Jones has run the gamut from devoted wife to adulteress and everything in between. Jones readily admits that her character’s walk on the wild side was the most fun she’s had during her tenure on the show. Yet, surprisingly, she has no desire to delve into another front burner storyline or scandalous affair any time soon.

What have been some of the highlights during your years on Days?

My most favorite time was the storyline where I found out the people who raised me weren’t really my parents. My “aunt,” Celeste, was actually my mother. It took months to find out Stefano was my father. I loved the mystery of it. They had all these great characters, who were helping me along, like The Parrot Man. Then, getting to know Stefano and the whole baby switch thing, where he had me raising Bo and Hope’s child.

That’s when Lexie took a turn toward the dark side.
Yes. They had me going crazy and kidnapping the baby and all that. It was a great time, because I had so much to do. As an actress, I got to explore every emotion imaginable. It moved pretty quickly, too, even though it was a three year arc.

Do you miss those bad old days?
I do miss the bad old days. [The writers] forgot that you can be good and still have some spunk, too. Lexie became generic for a while. Luckily, these new writers are giving you glimpses of the old Lexie with having her confront EJ and Stefano; especially EJ, about what he’s doing to Abe. I’ve threatened both of them a few times. I’m hoping the writers have me follow through with my threats.

Would you welcome another big story?
I don’t long for a huge story, working four shows a week, and all that, because I do really enjoy my time off. At this time in my life I’m ready to relax more. I do like when I’m there that I’m doing something worthwhile, that I’m not just standing around.

Do you ever wish Lexie would have another affair?
(Laughs.) It’s interesting. When they brought Daniel on, it seemed like that was where it was going; that we were going to have an affair. Then they just dropped it. I was disappointed, because I was ready for that. But you know what has changed in me? Being in a really wonderful and solid relationship, I’m not crazy about kissing all over some other man. On top of that Lexie has this huge responsibility for Theo. She wants to keep her home life as in tact as possible for her son. Fooling around would be the last thing on her mind. That wouldn’t be right for Theo.

She did have some fun times though didn’t she?
Oh my God! Remember the time she and Tek were in the van making love so hard that it was moving?

I miss Tek. I’m sorry they got rid of him.
I agree with you 100 per cent. He was so good. He was so sexy. The women really liked him. It wasn’t even a good ending. He just disappeared. He and Lexie were in a car that overturned. That’s when they let us both go. Eventually, I came back, but there was no word about Tek.

Are you disappointed they dropped Theo’s autism story?
I am, because I did so much research on that. There were so many aspects of it we could have explored that would have really given appreciation for the parents out there who are dealing with it. We could have shown what they go through on a day to day basis ... show their courage and patience.

What can you share about your TV son, Terrell Ransom, Jr. (Theo)?
It’s been amazing to see him grow up. He’s gotten so tall, and he’s gotten so cute. He has this comedy routine that he goes around showcasing. He’s very funny. He has wonderful comedic timing. He’s also a wonderful dancer. His mom, Katrina, has done an amazing job with him. He’s the most un-showbiz showbiz kid I’ve ever worked with.

He sounds like a pretty talented child?
He is. He’s an all around entertainer. He doesn’t have a shy bone in his body. I think he’s going to be the next Will Smith.

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