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Chandler Massey Talks Emmy #2 and Leaving 'Days of Our Lives'

A Revealing Chat with the Young Salem Star


Actor Chandler Massey poses with the Outstanding Younger Actor In A Drama Series award for 'Days of Our Lives'
Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment
On the heels of winning his second consecutive Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series, Chandler Massey (Will) revealed some news that Days of Our Lives fans probably won't want to hear. When his contract is up in December 2013, Massey is leaning towards leaving the soap. Read on to see what his plans are moving forward, who he's considering giving his latest Emmy to, his thoughts on his onscreen coupling with Freddie Smith (Sonny), and how much he enjoys working with James Scott (EJ).

This is your second Daytime Emmy award. Are you thinking about giving this one to anyone?
Yeah... to my dad or my grandfather, whoever wants it more.

Why one of them?
Well, because it’s Father’s Day, and especially with my dad... When I was 16 and in high school, I told him that I wanted to be an actor. I was living in Georgia at the time. I feel like any kid in that state could have said that and their dad would have been like, “No. Do business or something like that.” But [my father] supported me a hundred percent, and I’ll never be able to repay him for that. So that’s why I think maybe this should go to my dad.

Your Days contract is expiring in December. Are you thinking about moving on?
You know, it’s been such a pleasure and privilege working on Days. It’s changed my life for the better. I came out to Los Angeles and enrolled at UCLA. After this [contract] is up, I want to go back to school. I want to graduate. I want to have a degree and then maybe see [what happens]. I just want to keep moving forward.

Do you think you'll still audition, while you’re in college?
I think I will. I still haven’t completely decided. I know that before anything else I want to get a degree. Right now, my major is Mandarin Chinese, but I might want to double with International Business or something. I don’t know, because I had to put it on hold for Days. I’ve just been going to extension [school] and basically taking general ed classes. Now I’ll get jump into it.

You’ve done great work this year with Camila Banus (Gabi) and Blake Berris (Nick). Have you given any thought to what scenes you might submit for an Emmy, next year?
I haven’t thought about it. Actually, my last two submissions I haven’t chosen myself. I asked my mom what her favorite episode was, she told me, and that’s what I sent in. So I’ll probably do the same thing [next year].

Will she get the Emmy if you win a third time?
Yeah, maybe. If it happens, I guess she deserves one.

What's it been like working with Freddie Smith as you've developed the popular Will/Sonny pairing?
Freddie [Smith] is an absolutely phenomenal actor and a phenomenal person. I’m lucky to be able to work along side of him. Freddie and I kind of stumbled through the beginning of Will and Sonny’s relationship. But I think that was great because it was appropriate for Will and Sonny to try and do the same thing.

How do you think having a baby in their lives will affect Will and Sonny’s relationship?
With each kind of obstacle that they face -- and I’m not saying a baby is an obstacle, but maybe an unplanned baby could be considered an obstacle... Like everything else, it’s only going to make them stronger. I always think that they are a super couple in training.

Last year, you worked a lot with James Scott (EJ). What was that experience like and do you wish the two of you had more scenes together?
We do have more scenes [coming up] and I honestly wish that we had more stuff, because James is one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with. It’s kind of like, in the best way possible, an acting class. Because you get to be in a scene with him, and watch him, and see how alive he is. You get to see what’s going on in his mind. Again, I’m just lucky to be on the show. Between James, Freddie and everybody else, I’m just kind of along for the ride and they’re taking me with them.

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