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Days of Our Lives' Will and Sonny

A Love Story about Two of Salem’s Finest Young Men


Days of Our Lives' Will and Sonny

Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith as Will and Sonny

NBC/Michael Desmond
Sonny Kiriaks was gay and proud of it. Will Horton was in denial about who he really was and desperately trying to convince himself and everyone around him that he was straight. Over time and with the support of Sonny’s friendship, however, Will was finally able to come out and be the man he was born to be. Is it any wonder he eventually fell for Sonny in the process? Here is the Days of Our Lives couple’s love story.

While Will and Sonny don't have nicknames for each other, fans have dubbed them, "Wilson."

First Meeting:
Abigail introduced her cousin, Sonny, to her cousin, Will, on June 23, 2011

First Kiss:
At the Horton Square on August 20, 2012

First Official Kiss:
Outside the Brady Pub on Sept 21, 2012

First Time Making Love:
At Sonny’s apartment on November 14, 2012

Their Love Story

Friends First
Will Horton was dating Gabi Hernandez, when Sonny Kiriakis arrived in Salem. Sonny’s cousin, Abigail, introduced him to her other first cousin, Will. “Oh hey dude. How are you?” smiled Sonny, extending his hand to Will. “It’s nice to meet you after hearing about you all these years.”

Sonny encountered some animosity from some of the local kids, because he was gay, but Will and Gabi quickly struck up a friendship with him. Will, in particular, admired Sonny for being so confident and comfortable with who he is.

Eventually, Will and Gabi took their relationship to the next level and made love, but, afterward, Will began avoiding any physical contact with Gabi. Certain that there was something deeply wrong between the two of them, Gabi ended things with Will, who didn’t take it well. In fact, he trashed Maggie’s kitchen in a fit of anger.

Coming Out
Grappling with his feelings and his sexuality, Will went into a tailspin. After catching his mother, Sami, having sex with EJ and, later, having on a huge argument with her, Will agreed to go to a party with Sonny. While he was there, Will played a game of beer pong and got drunk. The night ended with Will kissing Neil, which Sonny witnessed. Then, Will abruptly ran off.

Unable to accept what he’d done or who he really was, Will tried to explain the kiss away. He told Sonny it only happened, because he was drunk. Later, Will confided what he’d done to his grandmother, Marlena. Again, he chalked the whole thing up to drinking too much. But, in time, Will realized the truth: he was gay.

After coming out to Marlena, Will admitted he was gay to Sonny, his parents and, eventually, the rest of his family and friends. Will began hanging out with Sonny as friends, although Sonny began developing stronger feelings for Will. Knowing that Will wasn’t ready to hear about those feelings yet, Sonny kept them to himself.

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