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Jack and Jennifer

A quirky, but endearing 'Days of Our Lives' love story


Jack and Jennifer

Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images Paul Kramer
The Love Boat

Deep in her heart, Jennifer knew she was destined to be with Jack. As she was about to set sail on Ernesto Toscano’s Cruise of Deception, Jack showed up onboard, and the twosome were forced to share a cabin. After some romantic dinners and dancing, Jennifer professed her love to Jack. While Jack couldn’t return her feelings in words, he eventually worked up the courage to show Jennifer how he felt, kissing her passionately.

The cruise ended dramatically, when a bomb exploded on the ship. Jack, Jennifer and their Salem friends washed up on a beach. Jack tended to Jennifer, who was injured, and finally uttered the three little words she was dying to hear: I love you. The couple made love for the first time. Afterward, Jack touched Jennifer by giving her a ring he made out of a seashell.

After they were rescued and returned to Salem, Jack and Jennifer's romance hit a major snag, when Jack began hallucinating about his evil “fathers.” He pushed Jennifer out of his life and into the arms of the evil Lawrence Alamain. Jennifer decided to help her old friend, Carly, by switching places with her. She traveled to New York and ended up “marrying” Lawrence Alamain. Jack eventually rescued Jennifer and they got engaged, but Jennifer was distant. It turned out she was keeping a big secret from her fiancé: the fact that Lawrence had raped her.

A Wild West Wedding

Eventually, Jennifer ‘fessed up to Jack about what happened and pressed charges against Lawrence. With Jack’s love and support, Jennifer was able to overcome the horrible ordeal, and she and Jack made plans to marry. In true offbeat Jack and Jennifer fashion, the duo wed at Salem's Wild West Arena in 1991. (FYI: The nuptials were taped at Universal Studios Hollywood.) A nervous Jack came down with hysterical laryngitis the day before the ceremony, but recovered his voice in time to exchange “I Do’s” with Jennifer on their big day.

Months later, Jennifer discovered she was pregnant and was thrilled. Jack, however, wasn’t as delighted. He feared he was suffering a relapse of Hodgkin’s disease and was going to die. Plus, he and Jennifer were penniless, having been swindled out of all their money by a con man named Hawk. Fortunately, things turned around, when Jack sold The Spectator to Julie and his doctors convinced him he was healthy. In 1992, Jennifer gave birth to the couple’s first child, Abigail, while she and Jack were trapped in a deserted cabin.

When Abigail was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, Jack and Jennifer were beside themselves. As fate would have it, Austin was able to provide a bone marrow transplant that saved the child’s life. In time, Jack uncovered the environmental cause of his daughter’s illness and was stunned to realize he was to blame. While working for his adoptive father, Harper, Jack had unwittingly signed papers that allowed toxic waste dumping into the Salem River. Overwrought with guilt, Jack left town, abandoning Jennifer and Abigail.

Jack’s Back, Jennifer’s Taken

In 1994, Jack returned to Salem, but Jennifer had a new boyfriend, Peter Blake. Jack tried to convince Jennifer that Peter was involved in the DiMera family’s criminal activities, but she refused to believe him. Jack was crushed when Jennifer married Peter.

In time, the truth about Peter was exposed, and Jennifer served him with divorce papers. Jack, however, knew Peter wouldn’t give up Jennifer and feared he was planning to kidnap her and Abigail. So Jack bought a gun to protect them. When Peter finally made his move, Jack was there to stop him. However, in the struggle, Peter ended up shot and presumed dead. Jack was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for the murder. (In reality, Peter was alive and in Stefano's care.)

As fate would have it, crafty Stefano had Jack’s prison cell mate, Travis, on his payroll. Stefano orchestrated it so Travis was released and become Jennifer’s new neighbor, “Trent.” Meanwhile, Jennifer landed a job at Jack's prison, posing as a guard. When Travis figured things out, he kidnapped Jennifer and planned to take her to Peter. Jack, learning about Jennifer’s plight, broke out of jail to find her. He tracked Jennifer and Travis to the Grand Canyon. Jack and Travis struggled, and Travis fell to his death.

Peter, however, continued to stalk the Deveraux family, who found the perfect place to hide. They joined a local circus. Still, Peter tracked them down and alerted the police, and Jack was sent back to jail. Determined to free Jack and prove Peter was alive, Jennifer faked her death. A grief-stricken Peter revealed himself, and Jack was cleared of all charges.

To Africa and Back

Jack and Jennifer reunited and moved to Africa with Abigail. While there, Jack and Jennifer began experiencing problems and Jennifer fell for a doctor named Colin Murphy. Conflicted, Jennifer fled to Ireland with Abigail. There, she ran into Bo Brady and ended up returning to Salem with him in 2000.

Jack followed Jennifer and tried to win her back, but she was preoccupied with Colin. Meanwhile, Greta became interested in Jack. One night, when Jennifer rejected a drunk Jack’s proposal that they remarry, he kissed Greta hoping to make Jennifer jealous. Jennifer got even by going on a date with Brandon, but ended up reconciling with Colin; not that she totally trusted him. She suspected he was involved with the DiMeras, and the reporter in her compelled her to investigate. When Jennifer’s sleuthing led her to believe Colin planned to kill Jack, she slept with him to save Jack.

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