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Days Flashback: Nicole Miscarries EJ's Baby

The 2008 Tragedy That Led to Snatching Sydney


Days Flashback: Nicole Miscarries EJ's Baby

Arianne Zucker and James Scott

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton

After Days of Our Lives' Nicole's dream of a happily-ever-after with EJ and their baby was ripped away from her –- she suffered a devastating miscarriage -- she went into denial mode, refusing to believe that it even happened. On November 28, 2008, Nicole out and out lied, telling EJ that while she had been hemorrhaging and the baby's life had been in danger, all was now fine.

At the time, Arianne Zucker (Nicole) explained that Nicole's lie wasn't calculated. “There's no big plan. It just happens, because Nicole is so sad and she fears losing everything in her life,” said Zucker.

Namely, the happy future she was hoping to have with EJ. “Nicole doesn't want to tell EJ the truth, because she doesn't want to lose him,” noted Zucker. “She thinks the only reason he's with her is because of the child. If she tells him there's no baby, Nicole thinks her dream of being with EJ is over.”

So when EJ checked on Nicole, who was now out of the clinic and back in her bedroom at the DiMera mansion, she assured him mother and child were doing well. She just couldn't be touched or moved and needed to stay in bed. Breathing a sigh of relief, EJ left so Nicole could rest.

Alone, Nicole tried to compose herself and brushed away her tears. “Someday, somehow I will make this come true,” vowed Nicole. “I will give EJ a baby.”

And so Nicole began a complicated plot, still pretending to be with EJ's child. In fact, as the months went by, she went so far as to wear pregnancy padding. It all led, of course, to her snatching Sami's infant daughter, Sydney, and passing her off as her and EJ's baby girl.

The story, which played out for nearly two years and scored high ratings, will long be remembered as one of Days' most popular baby switch plots.

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