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Days Flashback: Renee Is Murdered

The Salem Slasher Claimed Another Victim in 1983


Days Flashback: Renee Is Murdered

Thaao Penghlis

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

The night started out splendidly in Salem. Everyone put on their finest clothes and headed to the DiMera mansion for a gala soiree. They’d been invited by Renee DiMera. No one knew the reason for the party, nor that it would end with a vicious murder on September 5, 1983 and the hostess would be the victim.

After her guests had gathered, Renee greeted them all. She announced that not only were she and Alex Marshall engaged, but they had also married. Then, she stunned Alex by telling him she never wanted him to put his hands on her again.

The awestruck crowd listened intently as Renee revealed what the party was really all about: Stefano DiMera’s last will and testament. She noted that he’d left everything to her – the mansion, the millions, all of it. Then, she told Alex she found out he knew all about the will before they were wed and planned to have their marriage annulled as soon possible, because he wasn’t going to get his hands on a cent of her father’s money.

Renee proceeded to tell off all the people who had wronged her over the years and acknowledged her only true friends: her psychiatrist, Dr. Marlena Evans, and Tony DiMera.

She called Tony the one man she had shared “an unconditional love” with before fate intervened and claimed they were siblings. It forced Renee to break ties with Tony, marry David and get pregnant with his child, and stay in a loveless commitment. “You were my one passion, my one true love,” Renee told Tony, before racing upstairs to her bedroom.

Little did Tony or anyone know, it would be the last time they ever saw Renee alive. The party went on, until Delia, the DiMera maid, stumbled into the living room with blood on her hands. “Murder,” she announced, before fainting. When Delia came to, she exclaimed, “There’s a killer in the house.”

Roman headed upstairs to investigate. When he returned, he confirmed Delia was right. Renee was dead. She'd been stabbed and left with a raven's feather in her hand. Tony attacked Alex, sure he was responsible for the crime. Meanwhile, Eugene told Marlena and Trista that Renee’s death was his fault. He had bumped into Renee before she headed upstairs and was sure the Bradford family curse had struck again.

It was a night of horror and heartbreak on Days of Our Lives. Renee was dead, Tony lost a woman he desperately loved, and a killer was on the loose. Renee’s murder would not be solved for months and not before more victims’ lives were claimed. In the end, the killer would be revealed to be Tony’s unscrupulous cousin, André DiMera.

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