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Days Flashback: Suzanne Rogers Debuts as Maggie

The 1973 Introduction of a Beloved Soap Heroine


Days Flashback: Suzanne Rogers Debuts as Maggie

Suzanne Rogers

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

Mickey Horton was suffering from amnesia and going by the name Marty Hansen, when he wandered up to the back door of an old farmhouse. “Hello. Anybody home?” he called out.

From the distance he heard a female voice respond, “Yes, what is it?” “Could I trouble you for a glass of water, please?” asked Mickey. “Certainly. Be there in a moment,” the woman answered. Seconds later, Maggie appeared at the door on crutches, delivering his cold drink.

The date was August 20, 1973, and it marked Suzanne Rogers’ first appearance as Days of Our Lives’ Maggie Simmons. Moments later, Mickey collapsed, and Maggie ended up taking care of him. When he recovered, he stayed on and helped Maggie run the farm. In time, the twosome fell in love and, eventually, married in true soap opera fashion.

For Rogers, who’s only prior television work had been a guest spots on Love, American Style –- she was Stewardess #2, her first day on Days was nerve racking. “I didn’t know what to expect,” she admitted. “So I was a little bit of a wreck.”

But she calmed down the minute her scene partner, John Clarke (Mickey), walked on set. “I had tested with him and he was the only one I knew,” said Rogers, remembering how “John put me at ease by telling me to relax and listen.”

The advice worked, because Rogers was an instant success and, she and Clark quickly emerged as one of the show’s most revered couples. In fact, their blossoming love story on the farm –- “it was warm and different,” noted Rogers –- had NBC considering giving the twosome their own spinoff soap.

While the show never actually came to pass, the trials and tribulations of Mickey and Maggie long remained front and center on Days. And today, 39 years later, Rogers is still going strong as the beloved Maggie.

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