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Gabi Hernandez Profile


Gabi Hernandez Profile

Camila Banus as Gabi Hernandez

NBC/Michael Desmond
Quick Take:

When she first surfaced, Gabi Hernandez was all sweetness and light; a bona fide good girl, who wanted to reconnect with her siblings and find true love. Things took a turn for the worse, however, as her romances continually went awry and her desperate, darker side emerged. Having learned her lessons and finally found love with Nick, she's looking forward to living happily ever after with him and her baby.

Played by:

Gabriela Rodriguez (2009 to 2010)
Camila Banus (2010 to present)

Family Ties:

The younger sister of Rafe, Dario and the late Arianna Hernandez. While Gabi often talks to her mother on the phone, the character has never been seen on camera.

Boys, Boys, Boys:

Gabi briefly went out with Chad DiMera, before she began dating Will Horton. When Will realized he was gay, Gabi became obsessed with Chad, but he didn’t return her feelings. She is currently engaged to Nick Fallon.

Hola Gabriela

Gabriela “Gabi” Josefina Hernandez arrived in Salem, because her mother sent her there to check on her older siblings, Rafe and Arianna. She promptly took up residence in a room above the Brady Pub.

It didn’t take Gabi long to make friends with the other teens in town. She dated Chad briefly, but the relationship ended when his ex-girlfriend, Mia, decided she wanted to reconcile with him. In time, Gabi became close friends with Will and went to the Salem High School formal as his date.

When Gabi’s sister Arianna was killed by a hit-and-run driver in 2010, she was devastated and leaned on Will for support. Gabi was stunned to learn that Arianna had run into the street, after a spat with Will. However, Will explained the circumstances, and the twosome patched things up.

Friends and Lovers

Soon, Gabi and Will began dating and shared their first kiss. The twosome decided to take their relationship to the next level on the night of their high school graduation. Will rented a hotel room, where the pair spent the night together and made love for the first time.

Afterwards, Will became distant with Gabi. Despite Gabi’s attempts to initiate intimacy between them, Will just wasn’t interested. When Gabi broached the subject that there was something wrong between them, Will countered by suggesting they move in together. Gabi declined and broke things off with Will, infuriating him. In time, however, Will came to the realization that he is gay and confessed to Gabi, and the twosome agreed to be friends.

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