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Kristen Blake Profile


Kristen Blake Profile

Eileen Davidson

Courtesy: Getty Images/Vince Bucci
Quick Take:

Played by:

Eileen Davidson (1993 to 1998; 2012 to present)

Family Ties:

Raised by Stefano DiMera. She has one brother, Peter Blake.

Marital Mayhem:

Exchanged “I Do’s” with Andre DiMera, while he was posing as Tony DiMera. The union was invalid.

Welcome to Salem

Social worker Kristen Blake arrived in Salem in 1993 and met John Black, when he saved her from being mugged. Although she was immediately attracted to him, she knew they could never be together and tried to keep her distance from him. Sensing the connection between the twosome, Alice Horton decided to work her matchmaking magic. She put the pair in charge of the Horton Center; then, arranged for John and Kristen to be at the Horton cabin at the same time. It was there that the pair succumbed to their feelings for one another and made love.

John Versus Her Family

Kristen, however, was keeping a huge secret from John: she was Stefano DiMera’s foster daughter and was hiding her “father,” who was dying of a brain tumor. When John learned the truth, he was stunned, but stood by Kristen, who he’d come to love.

The couple’s dream of a happily ever after was thwarted by Stefano. While on his deathbed, he made Kristen promise she would marry “Tony.” (*It turned out that Andre was actually masquerading as Tony at this point in time.) Kristen, in fact, was all set to marry “Tony,” when Marlena’s infant daughter, Belle, vanished.

Together, Kristen and John teamed up to find the child. The pair even posed as a husband and wife pretending to be interested in adopting a baby. To their astonishment, they learned that the person trying to get rid of Belle was her own sister, Sami.

The Wedding That Wasn’t

Kristen and John’s undercover caper brought them closer together. Stefano, knowing he had to do something drastic to break the duo up, realized the answer might be found with Sami. He confiscated her diary and hit pay dirt. He learned John was Belle’s biological father. Once the truth was revealed, Kristen went ahead with her plans to marry “Tony.”

John showed up on the couple’s wedding day, claiming he had proof that Stefano was involved in Curtis Reed's death. He and Stefano fought, and Stefano took off. John followed him and shot at the back of his car. The vehicle exploded into a giant fireball, and Stefano was believed to have perished. Believing her “father” had died at John's hands, Kristen married “Tony,” who learned Stefano was alive, but kept the information from his wife.

A Party and a Prisoner

Kristen decided to throw a big charity event at Maison Blanche, the DiMera mansion in Louisiana, and headed there with "Tony," Peter, Jennifer, Bo and Billie. Little did anyone know that John and Marlena were being held captive there by Stefano. Roman crashed the event to arrest Peter for drug trafficking, while Celeste, jealous of Stefano’s obsession with Marlena, leaked gas into the cell holding John and Marlena captive. A fire started and Roman managed to free John and Marlena. When John emerged from the rubble, Kristen and "Tony" were horrified to see him in shackles. Kristen was also shocked to see Stefano alive.

"Tony" ran back into the burning mansion to retrieve Stefano's computer, containing a file on John's past. “Tony’s” act of heroism left him blind and Kristen obligated to stand by his side. However, she couldn’t deny her attraction to John and soon began sleeping with him. In time, Kristen learned that "Tony" had known Stefano was alive. Then, she discovered that he switched her birth control pills with sugar pills. Kristen left “Tony” and moved in with John.

Soon, Kristen cracked Stefano’s computer’s code and learned John was a priest. She and John traveled to a parish where he had once served and met Father Francis, who immediately recognized him and confirmed John was a priest. A devout Catholic, Kristen returned to "Tony." Yet, she stood by John’s side and helped him, when he fought to save Marlena, who’d become possessed by Satan.

Tony’s Revenge

Ultimately, John was released from his vows as a priest, and Kristen, once again, left “Tony” for the man she truly loved. But a vengeful “Tony” plotted to separate the pair. Upon learning he had an incurable blood disease and was dying, “Tony” orchestrated a plan to frame John for his murder and put it into action during Peter and Jennifer’s wedding in Aremid. It worked like a charm. John was arrested, convicted of murder, and sentenced to death. Kristen believed he was guilty, while Marlena never wavered in her belief that he was innocent.

John was eventually freed when the Woman in White found “Tony’s” diary explaining his diabolical plan. It led to John being cleared of all charges and released from prison. Kristen convinced the Woman in White to return to Salem with her, John and Marlena, and they all moved into the DiMera mansion.

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