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Lucas Horton Profile


Lucas Horton Profile

Bryan Dattilo

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Quick Take:

Former military cadet Lucas Roberts arrived in Salem a cool, cocky young man. He was his mother Kate’s pride and joy, and she spoiled him his whole life. As a result, Lucas was used to getting what he wanted and wasn’t above manipulating and scheming to make it happen. Ironically, Lucas was the one manipulated, when it came to two major events in his life. First, Kate lied to Lucas about his own paternity. Then, Sami lied to him about the paternity of their son, Will. Fortunately, Lucas uncovered the truth both times around, and it changed the course of his life.

Played by:

Bryan Dattilo (1993 to 2001; 2002 to 2010; 2012 to present)

All My Siblings:

Lucas has seven half siblings: Mike, Jennifer, Austin, Billie, Philip, Cassie and Rex.

Wedding Bell Blues:

Unlucky at love Lucas has been divorced four times. His ex wives include Nicole, Carrie, Sami and Chloe.

Enter Scheming

Lucas was first introduced making love to rock star Cherish backstage in her dressing room, where he was caught red handed by Sami. A few days later, he arrived in Salem, where he met Sami officially, and the pair quickly became friends and scheming partners. Smitten with Sami’s sister Carrie, Lucas agreed to help Sami, who was head over heels for Austin, break up Austin and Carrie. In exchange, Sami agreed to help Lucas find out the identity of his real father. Although his mother Kate told Lucas his dad was a successful military man, he suspected she was lying.

In time, Lucas learned his real father was Bill Horton. Although he gained a wonderful family, he felt betrayed by Kate and pushed her away. Meanwhile, Sami, who had suffered a rape at the hands of Lucas’ friend, Alan, was enduring her own pain. Lucas and Sami ended up coming together and making love one fateful night and conceived a son.

Lucas discovered he had an even larger family, when Kate found out her supposedly dead children with the evil Curtis Reed were alive and well. It turned out they were Austin and Billie. Lucas resented having to share his mother’s attention with both of them and grew even more bitter toward Austin.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

In November 1995, Sami gave birth to a son named Will. She convinced Lucas, Austin and Carrie that the child’s father was Austin and went so far as to change the infant’s paternity test results. Eventually, the truth was uncovered, and Sami’s shameless lie was exposed. Lucas immediately sought custody of his son, but Sami stopped him, claiming he had hit Will and that she had witnessed it. She even filed a restraining order against Lucas.

Lucas was outraged, and his furor only intensified when Sami became engaged to Franco. He didn’t want the con man becoming Will’s stepfather. On the day of Sami and Franco’s wedding, Lucas caught Franco about to attack Kate with a fire poker and shot him dead. Kate insisted Lucas flee; then, she framed Sami for the crime. Kate’s plan worked like a charm; Sami was arrested and convicted of Franco’s murder.

When Sami was imprisoned, Austin was granted custody of Will. The move infuriated Lucas, and he began drinking. One night, in a drunken rage, he kidnapped Will and ended up in a car accident. Will was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and required brain surgery. Fortunately, the child recovered.

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