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Melanie Jonas Profile


Melanie Jonas Profile

Molly Burnett

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Quick Take:

Melanie started out as a scamming, scheming troublemaker –- the Premier Party Girl -- who got what she wanted at any cost. But over the years, thanks to the love and guidance of her mentor-turned-grandmother, Maggie Horton, she’s transformed into a kind young woman with strong family values. Yet, throughout it all, she’s never lost her spirit and feistiness.

Played by:

Molly Burnett (2008 to Present)

Family Ties:

Originally introduced as the long, lost half sister of Max Brady and the daughter of Trent Robbins, it was later revealed that Melanie was adopted. It turned out she was the love child of Dr. Carly Manning and Dr. Daniel Jonas. She has one half brother, Nicolas Alamain, and recently learned Maggie Horton, is her paternal grandmother.

Love Lines:

After a twisted relationship with Nick Fallon, Melanie started crushing on Philip Kiriakis, who she eventually married, even though she had unresolved feelings for Nathan Horton. After Melanie and Philip divorced and Nathan left town, Melanie met Dario Hernandez. Their relationship ended, when he transferred to Argentina on business. These days, Melanie finds herself very attracted to Chad.

Here Comes Trouble

Melanie was first discovered by Nick, who watched her Premier Party Girl blog online. Meanwhile, Nick’s pal, Max, set out to track Melanie down, upon learning she was his long, lost "half sister."

Max and his girlfriend, Stephanie, found Melanie in France, where she was attending school. She was quickly revealed as a wild child with her fair share of enemies; including Tiffany, whose bracelet Melanie stole, and Les, a man she owed money. While Max tried to connect with Melanie, Stephanie was appalled by her attitude.

Nick turned up to join the search for Melanie and became instantly smitten with her. When she suddenly disappeared, Nick tracked her down to a party on a boat. Melanie’s "father," Trent, had sent her there to have a drink with Claude, to whom he owed a gambling debt. It turned out Claude wanted much more from the underage Melanie. Luckily, Nick interrupted; then, the police arrived and arrested Claude. Poor Nick ended up shot in the commotion. A grateful Melanie rushed to his side at the hospital, and they shared their first kiss.

Murder and Obsession

Melanie decided to head back to Salem with Max, Nick and Stephanie, where she confronted Trent about what he’d done. Trent was unapologetic, and they fought. When Trent’s murdered body soon turned up in a cemetery, Melanie was the number one suspect. While she professed her innocence, Melanie also admitted to Max that she met with Trent the night he was killed. She even ‘fessed up to having brought a gun with her and that they fought, but then she blacked out and had no memory of what happened next.

Fearing she might have killed her own father, Melanie planned to leave town. Then, she began receiving anonymous notes and phone messages saying, "I saw you in the cemetery. I know what you did." Nick convinced Melanie to move into Maggie and Mickey's home, where he could protect her.

Melanie soon learned that the alternative fuel source that Nick and Trent had developed was close to being sold. Knowing she was entitled to Trent’s share of the profits, Melanie urged Nick to finish the project. Meanwhile, Nick grew obsessed with Melanie, but when she didn’t return his feelings, he turned sinister. He went so far as to convince Melanie she killed Trent in self defense. Although Melanie wanted to turn herself in, Nick persuaded her not to and convinced her to go on the run with him. Eventually, Melanie realized that Nick was the one who really killed Trent. Bo, Hope, Philip, and Stephanie ended up rescuing her, and Nick was hauled off to prison, where he finished the alternative fuels project and signed sole ownership over to Melanie.

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