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Nicole Walker DiMera Profile


Nicole Walker DiMera Profile

Arianne Zucker

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton
Quick Take:

Nicole was a poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks, who fought to keep her sordid past as a porn star from being exposed, when she surfaced in Salem. It turned out, she needn’t have worried. Despite the truth coming out, she still managed to land two powerful, filthy rich husbands: Victor Kiriakis and EJ DiMera. Over the years, Nicole’s scheming has gotten her into mountains of trouble, but the driving force behind most of it has been her desperate desire to find real love and the perfect family she never had as a child.

Played by:

Arianne Zucker (1998 to 2006; 2008 to Present)

Family Ties:

The daughter of the late Paul Mendez, a slimy con man, and the kindhearted Fay Walker, Nicole has two siblings: sister, Taylor, and half-brother, Brandon.

Marital Disasters:

While in college, Nicole married Trent Robbins, her abusive first husband, and promptly left him. Husband #2 was Lucas Roberts, a union she entered into to receive a hefty payoff. After divorcing Lucas, Nicole wed filthy rich Victor Kiriakis. The union was later deemed invalid, because she was still legally married to Trent. Nicole wed husband #4, EJ DiMera, in 2009. They divorced in 2010, but remarried in 2011.

A Star Is Born

Nicole was a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She worked as a lowly waitress at the Java Café, but dreamed of becoming a model. Then, she met Eric Brady, who brought her to the attention of his sister, Sami. Sami offered Nicole a gig, and soon she was gracing the cover of Bella Magazine. While Nicole’s life changed overnight, she feared her past would come back to haunt her and it did. Her ex, Jay arrived in town and threatened to spill all. Afraid of losing everything she’d acquired, including her blossoming relationship with Eric, Nicole paid him off.


Soon, Nicole met Lucas, who became infatuated with her. He needed a wife to help gain custody of his son, Will, and decided Nicole was the perfect candidate. As Lucas began showering Nicole with attention, Nicole’s sister, Taylor, grew smitten with Eric; the man Nicole really wanted. To make matters worse, Taylor became a new face on the modeling scene and Nicole felt threatened.

When Taylor abruptly left town, Nicole’s problems seemed over and her path to Eric was free and clear. However, when Kate offered her five million dollars to marry Lucas, Nicole couldn’t refuse. Eric was devastated. Nicole quickly realized the error of her ways, but it was too late. Although Eric stood by Nicole’s side, when she had a cancer scare and he learned that her father had forced her into making pornographic films as a teenager, he ultimately left town and her for good.

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