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Sami Brady's Romances

A Look Back at the 'Days of Our Lives' Character's Complicated Love Life


Sami Brady's Romances

Alison Sweeney

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
Sami Brady's Romances

Alison Sweeney and Bryan Dattilo

Courtesy: Getty Images/Doug Benc
Galen Gering Alison Sweeney

Galen Gering and Alison Sweeney

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton

Sami Brady has had her share of men, marriages and relationships, since the character resurfaced as a teenager back in 1993, under the direction of actress Alison Sweeney. While Sami wouldn’t exactly be called lucky at love –- let’s face it, most of her couplings have been wildly dysfunctional –- her romances have produced four beautiful children: Will, Allie, Johnny and Sydney. Which of her love affairs has been your all time favorite? Take a look back at Sami’s men.

Austin Reed
Sami developed a huge crush on Austin Reed and was devastated when she learned her sister Carrie was dating him. Once she recovered, she started scheming to snare him away from Carrie. Her most diabolical plot was drugging Austin, so he’d end up in her bed. It was the start of an elaborate scheme, when Sami turned up pregnant and named Austin as her baby’s father. (In reality, Lucas, who had had a one night fling with Sami, was the child’s daddy.) Austin and Carrie broke up and Sami nearly married Austin, until Carrie uncovered Will’s true paternity and revealed it on their wedding day. Austin dumped Sami, finally ending their twisted union. Years later, when Austin returned to Salem, Sami went after him again, and they ended up engaged. However, Austin ultimately realized his heart still belonged to Carrie and reconciled with her.

Franco Kelly
After getting dumped by Austin, when the truth about Will came out, Sami turned her attentions to suave Italian, Franco Kelly. He preyed on her insecurities and made Sami believe he truly cared for her. In reality, Franco had one goal: to marry Sami, so he could get his green card. On the pair’s wedding day, Franco ended up murdered, and Sami was charged and convicted of the crime. (Kate had actually framed Sami.) Sami was sentenced to death by lethal injection and nearly executed, until Lucas ran in and saved the day, confessing he had killed Franco, when he found him attacking Kate.

Brandon Walker
Brandon was intrigued by Sami the moment he met her, but she made it clear she wasn’t interested in him. Nevertheless, he began pursuing her and even helped Sami devise a plan to get custody of Will from Lucas. In the process, Sami and Brandon became close friends and lovers. However, Sami’s lying and scheming took it’s toll on their relationship, driving Brandon into Lexie’s arms and bed. Eventually, Brandon and Sami reconciled, got engaged and exchanged “I Do’s.” But on their wedding day, Brandon learned that a jealous Sami had switched the paternity test results on Lexie and Abe's baby. Furious, Brandon left town and Sami. Many months later, Kate lured Brandon back to Salem, hoping she could use him to break up Sami and Lucas. Kate even went so far as to drug Brandon and Sami and arrange for Lucas to find them in bed together. Brandon quickly left town, leaving Sami alone to face the music.

Lucas Roberts
Originally scheming partners hellbent on breaking up Austin and Carrie, Lucas and Sami had a complicated love/hate relationship. It was during one of their “love” moments, that their son Will was conceived. Afterward, they endured years of bitter hatred, fighting and scheming to gain sole custody of the boy. Lucas’ mother Kate’s animosity for Sami only fueled the fires. Somewhere along the way, the couple’s hatred turned to passion, and they realized there was a deep love between them. Appalled, Kate used every trick in the book –- among them, setting up Sami with Brandon and revealing Sami’s misdeeds as Stan –- to split them up, and she succeeded time after time. However, Lucas and Sami ended up finding their way back to each other and married. The duo were living quite happily, when EJ entered the picture. EJ’s obsession with Sami led them to conceive two children together and permanently put an end to Lucas and Sami.

EJ DiMera
EJ “Wells” arrived in Salem with an agenda: conceive a child with Sami. He befriended and started dating Sami, but when she learned he was Stefano’s son, EJ DiMera, she dumped him and ran back to Lucas. EJ, however, would not be deterred, even forcing Sami to have sex with him in exchange for saving Lucas’ life, when he was trapped in a cave-in. As fate would have it, nine months later, Sami gave birth to twins: Allie, fathered by Lucas, and Johnny, fathered by EJ. The twisted turn of events continued, when Sami divorced Lucas and wed EJ in an effort to end the DiMera/Brady feud. The marriage led to a night of passion and another pregnancy for Sami, who opted to hide her condition from EJ, upon learning Nicole was pregnant with his child, too. It all led to a baby switch by Nicole, who miscarried and was desperate to hold onto EJ. Eventually, EJ and Sami learned the truth about Sydney, but EJ couldn’t forgive Sami’s deception. Determined to make her suffer, he arranged Sydney’s kidnapping and made Sami believe their daughter was dead. By the time EJ realized he loved Sami and convinced her to marry him, the damage had been done. On their wedding day, Rafe revealed the sordid truth, and Sami walked out on EJ. Since that debacle, Sami shot EJ point blank in the head, and EJ went along with Stefano’s plan to kidnap Rafe and send an imposter to live with Sami. Despite all their heinous acts against one another, Sami and EJ came together for another night of passion, when their son Johnny disappeared and they believed he was dead.

Rafe Hernandez
After witnessing a murder at the DiMera mansion, a pregnant Sami went into hiding at a safe house. FBI agent Rafe Hernandez was assigned to protect her. While under Rafe’s watch, Sami gave birth to a daughter at a local clinic; an infant Nicole switched with Mia’s newborn, so she could raise EJ’s child. When baby Grace took ill and died, Rafe saw Sami through the ordeal bonding them forever. In time, Rafe figured out that Nicole had switched the two baby girls and reunited Sami with Sydney. But the pair’s relationship began to crumble, when Sydney was kidnapped and Sami turned to EJ for support. She had no idea that EJ had orchestrated the “Syd-napping” with help from his sister-in-law, Anna. Tired of Rafe being Sami’s hero, EJ “found and rescued” Sydney, delivered her back to Sami, and, in the process, won over her affections. A suspicious Rafe stood by brokenhearted, as Sami planned to marry EJ. That is, until he found proof that EJ was the one who kidnapped Sydney and delivered it on their wedding day. Sami left EJ and reunited with Rafe, and the pair finally exchanged vows and became husband and wife. The couple’s newlywed bliss was interrupted, when Stefano abducted Rafe, attempted to erase his memories of Sami, and replaced him with an imposter. As Sami grew disillusioned with her new “husband,” Rafe fought to remember his past. Eventually, Sami and Rafe found their way back to each other and worked to bring down Stefano and EJ for their crime, but, as usual, the DiMeras dodged any jail time. Sami and Rafe resumed their life together, hoping to finally have their “happily ever after.” Unfortunately, Sami’s recent betrayal with EJ, threatens to destroy her happiness, yet again.

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