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Stefano DiMera's Deaths

A look back at the 'Days of Our Lives' villain who refuses to die


Stefano DiMera's Deaths

Joseph Mascolo

Courtesy:NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

When it comes to "dying," nobody does it more elaborately or as often than Days of Our Lives' Stefano DiMera. Since arriving in Salem in 1982, the character has "met his maker" numerous times, only to rise from the ashes months or years later. He's survived fires, gunshots and explosions, not to mention more mundane maladies like a stroke, brain tumor and heart attack. Now that Stefano has been presumably murdered, yet again, left in a puddle of blood at the DiMera mansion, here's a look back at his memorable "deaths."

Icy Ending
In 1984, Stefano arrived in Salem to retrieve the powerful Baka and bring down his nemesis, Roman Brady. Stefano orchestrated a series of murders and framed Roman for all of them. Upon finally attaining the Baka, with the help of his evil nephew, Andre, Stefano used it to create a bomb. The plan was to use the bomb to kill Roman's beloved wife, Marlena, by planting it at a charity benefit she was attending. But the plot was foiled and Marlena survived. Stefano made a desperate getaway in a limo, which plunged into the Salem River. The driver's body was found. When Stefano's was not, he was presumed dead.

Burn Baby, Burn
Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned, and Marlena proved it in spades, when she shot Stefano in 1985. Of course, no one could blame her for her actions. After all, Stefano had kidnapped her twins, Eric and Sami. Armed with a gun, Marlena confronted Stefano on the rafters above a spectacular ice show and chastised him for his evil doings. Then, she fired a shot at him and he dropped one of his valuable prisms, setting the arena on fire. The pair struggled and fell. While Bo rescued Marlena, Stefano plummeted into the blaze beneath them and was believed to have burned to death.

Fiery Ending: The Sequel
Stefano turned up inside a Mayan temple in Chichen Itzá in 1991 and admitted that he had masterminded Marlena's 5-year disappearance and the real Roman Brady's "death" and return. It meant his pawn, John Black, was once again a man without an identity. So after Roman and John discovered the location of the extremely valuable Mayan codices, Stefano revealed himself and made John an offer. In exchange for the codices, Stefano would give him a briefcase containing information about who he really was. John accepted, but as the exchange was being made, they struggled and a gun went off, Stefano was shot and fell into a fire, seemingly killed.

The Big Bang
In 1994, Kristen's wedding day to "Tony," who was actually Andre, arrived, but it would be upstaged by another Stefano death. John interrupted the nuptials, and he and Stefano fought. Stefano took off. John followed him and shot at the back of his car. The vehicle exploded into a giant fireball, and Stefano was believed to have perished, yet again.

Hurricane Hijinks
No surprise. Stefano wasn't really dead. He somehow survived the explosion and retreated to his Louisiana estate, Maison Blanche, where he put his next evil plan into motion. He captured John and shackled him in the basement; then, he kidnapped Marlena. Roman, however, was hot on their trail and tracked them down. As the walls began closing in on Stefano, he tried to escape with "Gina," before anyone discovered she was really Hope. Celeste, Stefano's former mistress, torched the mansion as the pair fled off in a boat during a hurricane. After going missing, Stefano was believed to be dead.

The Plane, The Plane
In 1996, Stefano plotted to kidnap Marlena, while she was flying to San Francisco with Rachel Blake, but the police foiled his plan. Yet, the dastardly scoundrel wouldn’t be deterred. He quickly arranged for the cops to "capture" him, so Marlena and Rachel could fly off safely. After their plane left the ground, John discovered the man in police custody was wearing a latex mask of Stefano. The real Stefano had snuck on board Marlena's plane disguised as Rachel. He proceeded to fake a plane crash, which convinced everyone in Salem that he and Marlena had perished.

Nightmare in Paris
In reality, Stefano had whisked Marlena off to the caverns below Paris, where he ruled as King and planned to make her his Queen of the Night. Eventually, John found Marlena, and the pair ran off through the tunnels with Stefano hot on their trail. Meanwhile, Kristen, who was desperate to save John, showed up with her mother, Rachel, as did Abe and Lexie. They all survived an explosion and, eventually, found John holding a gun on Stefano. John was eager to carry Marlena, who had been injured in the blast, to safety. So he gave Rachel his gun to hold on Stefano. However, Stefano escaped, and Rachel ran after him. The pair ended up near a gas tank. Rachel, determined to stop Stefano once and for all, shot at him and the tank exploded. Stefano and Rachel were both presumed dead.

Killer Crash
In 2002, Andre DiMera, posing as his cousin Tony, returned to Salem bearing bad news. He claimed that his Uncle Stefano had died from injuries sustained from a car crash in Monte Carlo.

There Will Be Blood
In 2004, Marlena and the other presumed dead victims of the Salem Stalker made a grizzly discovery on Melaswen. They happened upon a room with a desk, turned the chair around, and found a totally charred, unrecognizable corpse. Andre, who was once again masquerading as Tony, contended it was Stefano. Then, he coldly explained how he had killed his "father" and drained his blood to cure his own blood disease.

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