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Days of Our Lives Weekly Recap: January 13 to 17, 2014


Days of Our Lives Weekly Recap: January 13 to 17, 2014

Jen Lilley

Courtesy: NBC/Justin Lubin
Days of Our Lives Weekly Recap: January 13 to 17, 2014

Eric Martsolf

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
Days of Our Lives Weekly Recap: January 13 to 17, 2014

kate mansi

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

Messing with Daniel

Rory offered JJ an idea to take care of Theresa: tell Daniel everything. JJ considered it, knowing it might give Daniel another shot with his mom. Meanwhile, Theresa fantasized about Daniel; then, conspired with Anne about how to snare him: play "little girl lost."

Dr. Chyka introduced himself to Daniel as a NY cardiologist, noting they were scheduled to meet, tomorrow. He tried to get information about Eric to no avail. JJ phoned and Daniel left to meet him. Chyka snuck into Daniel's office, downloaded something, and took off with Eric's file.

JJ met Daniel in the park ready to spill all, when Theresa showed up. JJ said he'd derailed Jennifer's date with Liam. Daniel said he and Jennifer weren't getting back together, so JJ should stop his antics. After Daniel left, Theresa made her usual threats.

Troubled Brothers

Brady accused Nicole of being addicted to Eric. Marlena interrupted, followed by Maggie, who tried to get Marlena to accept Victor's apology. Marlena wouldn't. Maggie asked for Nicole's help to get Brady into short term rehab. Marlena found Eric and asked about his interview with Nicole. He said it went fine and confessed he had feelings for Nicole. Marlena and Eric discussed his being temporarily banned from the priesthood and how Marlena was responsible. Roman arrived, and Eric told his parents that Daniel was making progress in clearing his name.

Master Manipulator

Sami  interrupted EJ and Abigail talking about how EJ took advantage of her. EJ covered, noting that he helped Chad fake his brain tumor. Sami thought the two brothers manipulated Abigail and asked to talk to her alone. Sami told Abigail the DiMeras lied and cheated to get what they want, but she still loved EJ. Alone, Sami said what EJ did was ingenious and wondered if the same doctor who lied about the tumor conspired with Kristen to drug Eric.

EJ swore he had nothing to do with Kristen drugging Eric. He and Sami spat, and he pointed out how he was always saving Sami from herself. EJ explained how Gabi didn't know Kate was texting people from Nick's phone and how it led him to having to stop Abigail from telling Hope about Gabi's odd reaction. Sami left, and Gabi arrived to thank EJ for what he'd done.

Catching On

Adrienne visited Jennifer and revealed she'd see Abigail with EJ a few times. Meanwhile, Julie ran into Abigail and said she was worried she hadn't heard from Nick. When Abigail returned home, Jennifer asked what was up between her and EJ. Abigail said they'd had a few talks about Jack. Jennifer warned her daughter to stay away from EJ. When Jennifer left, Abigail phoned EJ, saying her mother suspected something was going on between them. EJ wasn't pleased and suggested they not talk on the phone again.

Meeting Foiled

Brady and Theresa attended an AA meeting at the hospital. She tried to get information about Daniel. He reminded her that he was friends with Jennifer. They ended up spatting, again. Brady left before the meeting started. Theresa followed. Brady went home, retreated to his room, and drank.

When he finally emerged in the Kiriakis living room, Maggie wanted to talk about Kristen. Brady said, "No way."So Maggie brought up rehab. They fought, and Brady stormed off.

False Accusation

Daniel erupted when he realized some of his hospital files had been deleted. He asked Ted the computer tech for help. Anne was annoyed, since Ted had been helping her. As Ted left to assist Daniel, Anne followed and fell on the freshly mopped floor. Ted informed Daniel his computer had a virus. Daniel raced home to his own laptop.

Anne accused Daniel of pushing her when she fell and bullied another worker into corroborating her story. Jennifer stepped in and the other worker recanted her accusation against Daniel. Anne was furious that Jennifer kept protecting Daniel, no matter what he did to her.

Theresa visited Caroline and confided that she was interested in a man, but was having a hard time getting his attention. Anne burst in and complained about Jennifer. She knew Jennifer would fall apart if Theresa ever got Daniel into bed and said she was surprised they didn't have sex the night Theresa overdosed. Theresa revealed that Daniel was protecting someone. Later, Theresa came up with an idea to get Daniel into bed.

Breaking and Entering

Dr. Chyka broke into Daniel's apartment and started downloading some files. Suddenly, Nicole walked in. Chyka said Daniel sent him there. Nicole didn't buy it. The pair struggled, Chyka injected Nicole with a drug, and she passed out. Eric showed up. Chyka knocked him out, too.

Daniel returned home and checked his computer and discovered his files were deleted. He phoned the hospital and talked to Ted on speakerphone. Jennifer eavesdropped and offered to take a flash drive to Daniel's apartment. Daniel thanked her for delivering it and defending him with Anne.

Jennifer made a call and learned Dr. Duval didn't arrive in Salem a day early. She wondered if this had something to do with Eric, but Daniel wouldn't discuss it. Jennifer mentioned there being more to his story with Theresa, but Daniel kept mum. Jennifer left, bumping into Theresa on her way out.  Daniel tried to get rid of Theresa, but she wanted to discuss the night she overdosed. He agreed to meet her for dinner, later.  Daniel phoned Ted, who said his files couldn't be recovered. Then, he noticed Nicole's cell phone on the couch.

All Tied Up

Eric and Nicole found themselves tied to a pole in a dark, dreary place. They struggled to get free to no avail. Nicole realized they were in the basement of Daniel's apartment. Chyka returned with more drugs and prepared to inject Nicole and Eric with them, noting they wouldn't remember a thing.

Eric managed to knock the syringe to the floor. Chyka tied him up again. Nicole and Eric urged Chyka to run before he got caught. Chyka took off. Nicole and Eric tried to free themselves. Meanwhile, Daniel went to the TV station to bring Nicole her phone. Miles said she wasn't there. Daniel called Eric, but there was no answer. Chyka returned to the basement and told Nicole and Eric it was time to say goodbye -- forever.

When Chyka spotted a gas line that wasn't capped off, he decided to open it. Then, he split, as Nicole cried. Eric, fearing they were about to die, admitted he had deeper feelings for her than friendship. He told Nicole he loved her.

Messing with Theresa

Abigail tried to work from home, but kept thinking about EJ. JJ returned and tried to talk to her, but she got angry and ran upstairs. Jennifer arrived and told JJ that the date for his sentencing hearing was being set tomorrow. Then, Jennifer returned to the hospital. Theresa gloated about having dinner with Daniel, later. Jennifer said she hoped Theresa, Daniel and Nicole had a nice time.

Theresa summoned JJ to her apartment and questioned him about Nicole. JJ could tell she was jealous and said he hoped Daniel did something with Nicole. JJ filled Theresa in on some of Nicole's past antics. Theresa ordered him to find out more about her. Later, JJ found a Salem University Hospital check and got an idea.

Brady sat on a bench in the park and drank alcohol from a coffee cup. He spotted Theresa and asked her how much she hated those AA meetings. She noted that she could tell he loathed them, too. Then, she accused Brady of being drunk.

Meet Me at the Cabin

Abigail arrived at the hospital and brought Jennifer some papers. Jennifer confessed that she talked to EJ. Mother and daughter discussed Chad's faked brain tumor. EJ texted Abigail saying he needed to talk to her about Chad. She suggested meeting at the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. EJ hesitated, but ultimately agree.

At the cabin, Abigail told EJ she didn't like covering up their affair. He said it wasn't an affair and suggested paying her to move back to Europe. Abigail was shocked by his bribe. Meanwhile, someone watched the pair from outside. Abigail asked EJ to look at her. He did, but noted the feelings he got when he did that are what got them into this predicament. Abigail went on about EJ being engaged to a successful beautiful woman. He noted that she was beautiful. Abigail said she knew it was wrong, but still wanted him. EJ called it an infatuation. Abigail said it wasn't and kissed EJ, while someone snapped photos of them together.

Texting Trouble

Julie ran into Kate at the square and asked if she had something to do with Nick's departure. Adrienne approached and defended Kate. Kate met Sami and filled her in on her chat with Julie. Kate got a text saying Nick's cell phone service was ending. She sent a text to his contacts saying he was out of the country with no phone access.

The Jordan Mystery

Jordan tried to talk to Sheryl about Kate orchestrating her new job in Salem. Sheryl cut her off and split. Sheryl met with Lucas, who introduced her to Rafe. Sami interrupted, noting that she was married to both Lucas and Rafe. Rafe summoned Jordan to the club. Jordan ran into Kate and questioned her about bringing Sheryl to Salem. Afterward, Kate pumped Sheryl for information about Jordan, noting that she lived in Atlanta before Birmingham. Sheryl said that wasn't true. Lucas interrupted and told Sheryl she was hired.

Jordan arrived at the club and Rafe questioned her about Sheryl. Jordan said they hadn't been close of late. Rafe mentioned Sheryl giving him the scoop on what went down in Alabama. Jordan squirmed a tad; then, left. She found Lucas and asked why Sheryl was in Salem. Lucas lied and said a headhunter found her. Kate had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Rafe confronted Kate about hiring Sheryl to mess with Jordan. Kate denied it.

A Proposal

Will arrived home to find a romantic setting -- candles lit, champagne on ice, music playing. He kissed Sonny, who got down on one knee and asked Will to marry him. Sonny thought it was the next step, since the Supreme Court ruled gays could marry in their state. Plus, he loved Will and dreamed of this moment. Will said no. While he loved Sonny, his life was a mess at the moment. Sonny agreed to wait. Then, the duo got passionate. Afterward, they discussed Arianna's christening. Will asked Sonny to be the baby's godfather. Sonny happily accepted.

Julie's Interrogation   

Julie tracked down Gabi at the club and brought up Nick. She thought they were getting back together. Gabi denied it. Julie wondered it Gabi had heard from Nick. A nervous Gabi noted that Nick had texted Abigail and promised to tell Nick to call Julie if she heard from him. Gabi returned home and filled Will and Sonny in on Julie's interrogation. Sonny thanked Gabi for picking him as Arianna's  godfather.









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