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Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 7 to 11


'Days Of Our Lives' Signing And Presentation
Rick Diamond / Staff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Monday, January 7

Chloe refuses to leave, even though Daniel informs her he’s preparing for a date with Jennifer.

Sami clashes with Brady and Kristen over their relationship.

Brady says the words Kristen’s been waiting to hear.

A guilt-ridden Marlena tells John she knew about Brady and Kristen’s affair but never told him.

Kayla and Caroline receive shocking news.

DVR Alert: A furious John storms off and checks into a hotel.

Tuesday, January 8

Cameron realizes Nick cannot be the father of Gabi’s baby.

While rushing to meet Daniel, Jennifer injures herself and ends up in the hospital.

Gabi insists Cameron keep her secret, and he assures her he will.

DVR Alert: Gabi hasn’t a clue that someone has overheard her chat with Cameron.

Wednesday, January 9

A confident Chloe tells Nicole she’ll win Daniel back.

Sami and Rafe get caught up in romance on the eve of Nick and Gabi’s wedding.

Will clashes with Nick.

Eric leads the wedding rehearsal as everything is set for Nick and Gabi’s big day.

DVR Alert: Someone watches in the shadows, knowing that Nick is not the real father of Gabi’s baby.

Thursday, January 10

Rafe lets Sami know he wants to be with her after the wedding ceremony is over.

Sami resolves to tell EJ about her and Rafe’s pending reconciliation.

Sonny gives Will a key to his apartment.

Gabi asks Will to be her child’s godfather.

Chloe tells Daniel she’s found a job and will be staying in Salem.

As Abigail helps Gabi prepare for her big day, Chad arrives with a surprise for the bride-to-be.

DVR Alert: Kate vows revenge, after Chloe announces she’ll never see Parker again.

Friday, January 11

Chloe finds an ally in her quest to win Daniel away from Jennifer.

Sami and Rafe nearly make love, but are interrupted by Hope.

A vehement Nick explains why Will can’t be Gabi’s baby’s godfather.

Rafe brings Gabi some good news.

Jennifer confides in Hope about Daniel and Parker.

DVR Alert: Someone interrupts just as Eric is about to pronounce Nick and Gabi husband and wife.

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