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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mistress Sydney DiMera


Brady Pub

Max encourages Arianna to take off early if she wants to, then wonders if Chelsea came back yet. Arianna says she hasn’t seen her.

University Hospital

Stephanie is on the phone making travel plans for her and Philip. She says hi to Bobby the officer before entering Philip’s room. A grumpy Philip is anxious to get out of there. She kisses him.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is on the computer and comes across medical school applications, figuring it couldn’t hurt if she finds something out for Max. Melanie is nearby and spies what she’s doing. “You are so busted,” Melanie smiles devilishly.

Melanie approaches Dr. Baker. He asks her to make sure the floor in room 203 is cleaned up, since the patient had another accident. Melanie beats around the bush before sharing how she saw one of their trainees doing something completely unethical.

Dr. Baker confronts Chelsea about accessing the admissions data. She offers to explain. Meanwhile, Melanie phones Max and reveals that she’s at work right now watching his girlfriend get grilled by a doctor. She surmises that Chelsea might’ve ruined his chances for Salem U. Med School.

Chelsea apologizes to Dr. Baker, stating that it was all in code and she couldn’t decipher it even if she wanted to. Max arrives at the hospital as Dr. Baker asks Chelsea what’s so interesting about their med school admissions. Chelsea demurs that her boyfriend applied and she wanted to see if he was accepted, but assures the doctor that she didn’t see anything. She reiterates her apology and offers to do whatever she can to make up for this. Dr. Baker agrees to let it slide this time, but warns Chelsea that he has his eye on her.

Max appears before Chelsea and wonders what that was all about. Chelsea claims it wasn’t as bad as it looked or sounded. She soon realizes that Melanie called him over to the hospital.

Back in Philip’s room, he encourages Steph to share what’s up. She hands Philip a newspaper and also has “boring financial magazines” for him. He sees the article in the paper about E.J. and Nicole’s wedding and tosses it aside. She asks what’s wrong with him. He reiterates that he wants to get out of there and has stuff to do. She says getting stressed out isn’t going to help and clarifies that going home means going back to the mansion, not the office. “I can take care of my enemies just as easily from there,” he mutters. Steph notes how it didn’t take long for Philip to get back into revenge mode. Philip rehashes how the DiMeras ordered a hit on him and wonders if he should just forgive and forget. Steph implores him to get away from the resentment and anger. “I want you to run away with me,” she proposes as she displays the plane tickets. Philip says he can’t and surmises that she really wants to get him away from Stefano. She tries to persuade him to go away to Greece and start a new life with her.

Melanie strolls outside Philip’s room with a cart of food and Bobby the protective officer allows her to enter. Steph receives a call from her parents (finally) and Philip encourages her to take it. After Steph steps outside, Melanie serves his food and jokes how there’s arsenic on his goulash. Philip admits that this wouldn’t surprise him a bit, recalling how she did do some time with the DiMeras. Melanie jokes how she’s now delivering food and changing disgusting bedpans, so they both lost. Philip reminds her that she didn’t take a bullet and asks her to hand him a pillow. She apologizes, insisting that she never would’ve messed with the DiMeras if she had known what they were capable of.

Melanie later tells Philip that she hopes he kicks the DiMeras’ butts from here to someplace far away. Just outside, Steph decides not to go back into Philip’s room and rips up the plane tickets, predicting that Philip will never change.

Back in Philip’s room, Melanie proceeds to get home and wishes him luck, hoping everyone gets what they deserve. He thanks her for the support. Steph enters and Mel leaves. Philip asks if they are cool with the whole Greece thing, and she says they are. They embrace each other.

Melanie is outside Philip’s room and comes across the ripped-up plane tickets, looking inside Philip’s room and wondering what’s going on.

DiMera Mansio

E.J. carries Nicole upstairs and plops her down on the bed, nuzzling her neck. They are getting amorous under the sheets. “I love you so much,” he professes. “Of course you love me,” responds Sami. E.J. is startled to see Sami next to him. Nicole brings him back to reality and notes how pale he looks all of a sudden. E.J. claims it’s not important to him. She encourages him to tell her if something’s bothering him. He implores her to let it go and says it’s none of her business. Nicole isn’t exactly on board with this. E.J. mockingly wonders if she wants to be one of those pathetic couples who are joined at the hip and share every single emotion, which sounds torturous to him. They are interrupted by his phone, so she decides to check on Sydney. E.J. answers his phone to Masi and asks what he wants. Masi asks where Stefano is. E.J. reminds Masi that he’s supposed to directly report to him from now on. “The job your father hired me to do is about to be finished,” announces Masi.

Nicole brings Sydney downstairs and declares that she’s Sydney DiMera legally and in every other way. She lifts her up in the air playfully and ponders the name “Mistress Sydney DiMera.” She assures Sydney that she’ll have it all and her life will be like a fairy tale. Mary the housekeeper emerges and says “Good evening Mrs. DiMera,” which Nicole loves hearing. Nicole thought Mary had the night off. Mary says she did and booked her regular fishing charter, but the boat already left when she arrived. She offers to feed Sydney and put her back down.

Back upstairs, E.J. doesn’t care what Masi has planned, asserting that they’re not taking any more steps until Masi is out of the country and there’s no further risk. Masi insists that he can handle it. E.J. orders him to stop whatever he has planned, but they lose connection. Regardless, Masi states his intentions to complete the job.

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