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Profile of Blake Berris


Profile of Blake Berris

Blake Berris

Courtesy: Getty Images/Kristian Dowling

Just the Facts:

Birth Name:
Blake Everett Berris
Date of Birth:
August 24, 1984
Birth Place:
Santa Monica, California
Astrological Sign:

Nick Fallon (2006 to 2009, 2012 to present)

Acting Roles:

Dusty, Meth Head (2012)
Jesse, House of Last Things (2012)
Billy, Meet the Zillas (2012)
Michael, This Is Caroline (2012)
Tom, Strangers (2011)
Kevin, The Big Bang Theory (2011)
Gary, Prime Suspect (2011)
Tucker, Breaking Bad (2011)
Tim, Circling the Drain (2011)
Young Mike, Minkow (2011)
Keyvon ,The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting (2010)
Bruce, Mafiosa (2010)
Geoff/Rowan , The Mentalist (2009)
Sam, Portrait of a Girl (2009)
Corey, The Starter Wife (2008)
Ghoul #1,Hannah Montana (2006)
Guy #3, Numb3rs (2005)


Mother, Lauren; Father, Ken; Younger sister, Riley


● Was named after the poet, William Blake.
● Was a CIF Championship water polo player and swimmer in high school.
● His Days character is loosely based on the title character in the 2004 film, Napoleon Dynamite.
● Earned a 2009 Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor, but lost to co-star Darin Brooks (Max).


Blake Berris was born to perform. “My dad is a director,” says the Santa Monica, California, native, who was raised in Santa Barbara. “Since I can remember, I always wanted to be an actor.”

Growing up, Berris was constantly on stage. “I would do as much theater as possible,” he recounts. “Theater in school, theater in the community...”

Berris went on to be an acting major at the School of Theater, Film, and TV at UCLA, graduating in three years. He went on to study in a theater program at the University of Oxford.

He landed his first onscreen role in the television series, Numb3rs , portraying a cocky frat guy. He went on to guest star on Hannah Montana, before he was cast as computer geek Nick Fallon on Days of Our Lives.

Berris is a founding member and playwright for The Groundwork Ensemble, which aims to produce three plays a year.

In his spare time, the single actor likes to “go swimming in the ocean a couple times a week.” Berris enjoys writing and does yoga. He also professes to be “a big movie buff” and tries “to see as much theater in LA as I can.”

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