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Profile of Kate Mansi


Profile of Kate Mansi

Kate Mansi

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston

Just the Facts:

Birth Name:
Kate Mansi
Date of Birth:
September 15, 1988
Birth Place:
Calabasas, CA
Astrological Sign:
Abigail Deveraux (2011 to present)

Acting Roles:

Amanda, How I Met Your Mother(2008)


Mother, Victoria; Father, Jeff; Sister, Alexa


● Once went by the stage name Kate Morris.
● Extremely flexible, she was nicknamed “Gumby” by her first dance teacher, and it stuck throughout high school.
● Has a large collection of music boxes.
● Is second cousins with Chicago White Sox first baseman, Paul Konerko.
● A natural brunette, she dyed her hair dark blonde for the role of Abigail.


A bona fide California girl, Mansi grew up in a large Italian/Irish family. Her mother, an accomplished dancer, introduced Mansi to dancing as a child. “She put me in class, and I continued with it and started going the competition route,” recounts Mansi. “I really fell in love with it.

At age 15, Mansi joined the Pacific Festival Ballet, where she was a principle dancer in performances of the Nutcracker, Bambi, Peter Pan, and the contemporary ballet Heaven and Hell.

It was in high school that Mansi developed an interest in acting, which was nurtured by her drama teacher, Bill Garrett. He cast her as the lead in a theatrical production of The Mouse That Roared.

Mansi went on to study film and public relations at Pepperdine University, although college wasn’t exactly her choice. “My parents really wanted me to go,” says Mansi, who agreed to attend until she landed something acting wise. “I didn’t book anything and thought, Oh shoot! I’m stuck here.”

Mansi, however, made the most of her college experience. As a sophomore, she placed second in the National Womack Speech Competition. During her senior year, she traveled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti to volunteer with Orphanage Outreach.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Mansi realized college was the best thing for her. “I feel like it’s such a privilege to be an educated woman, especially in today’s society,” contends Mansi. “I so appreciate the fact that my parents pushed that on me.”

After college, Mansi decided to focus solely on her acting career. She appeared in several national commercials and print ads. In 2008, she landed a guest spot on the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother and was asked to screen test for the role of Melanie on Days of Our Lives, but lost out to Molly Burnett. Three years later, she auditioned for the part of Abigail Deveraux and landed the job.

In her free time, the single actress enjoys dancing, yoga and horseback riding. She also loves to spend time with her beloved dog, Leighla May.


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