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Profile of Hope Williams Brady


Profile of Hope Williams Brady

Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2007 NBC Universal

Portrayed by:

  • Kristina Osterhaut (1974)
  • Kimberly Weber (1974-1975)
  • Natasha Ryan (1975-1980
  • Tammy Taylor (1981)
  • Kristian Alfonso (1983-1987; 1990; 1994-present)
  • Sara Rose Johnson (1990, in flashbacks)
  • Joanna Wexler (1994-1995, in flashbacks)
  • Bluejean Seacrist (1997, in flashbacks)

Full Maiden Name:

Hope Alice Williams


  • January 10, 1974 (original)
  • December 24, 1963 (later)


526 Copper Lantern Drive, Salem

Previous Occupations:

  • Former Police Officer
  • Former Bounty Hunter
  • Former Model
  • Private Eye


  • Douglas Williams (father)
    Adelaide “Addie” Horton (deceased)


  • Shawn-Douglas Brady (son)
  • Beauregard Isaac Theo “Zack” Brady (son, deceased)
  • Ciara Alice Brady (daughter)
  • Chelsea Brady (stepdaughter)
  • Claire Kiriakis (granddaughter)

Other Relatives:

  • Douglas LeCleir (paternal half-brother)
  • Steven Olson (maternal half-brother)
  • Julie Olson Williams (maternal half-sister, stepmother)
  • Tom Horton Sr. (maternal grandfather, deceased)
  • Alice Grayson Horton (maternal grandmother)
  • Tommy Horton (maternal uncle)
  • Michael “Mickey” Horton Sr. (maternal uncle)
  • William “Bill” Horton (maternal uncle)
  • Marie Horton (maternal aunt)
  • Sandy Horton (maternal cousin)
  • Melissa Horton (maternal cousin, via adoption)
  • Sarah Horton (maternal cousin, via adoption)
  • Dr. Michael "Mike" Horton (maternal cousin)
  • Jennifer Horton Devereaux (maternal cousin)
  • Jessica Blake (maternal cousin)
  • Lucas Horton (maternal cousin)
  • Spencer Olson (maternal half-nephew)
  • David Banning (maternal half-nephew)
  • Scott Banning (maternal half-great-nephew)
  • Abigail "Abby" Devereaux (maternal first cousin, once removed)
  • Jack Devereaux Jr. (maternal first cousin, once removed)
  • Jeremy Horton (maternal first cousin, once removed)
  • Nick Fallon (maternal first cousin, once removed)
  • Will Roberts (maternal first cousin, once removed)
  • Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (maternal first cousin, once removed)


  • Bo Brady (married 1985-1995; 2000-present)
  • Steve Johnson (kissed)
  • Patrick Lockhart (affair)
  • John Black (one-night stand as Princess Gina)
  • Stefano DiMera (one-night stand as Princess Gina)
  • Franco Kelly (dated)
  • Larry Welch (married 1984, divorced 1985)
  • Roman Brady (kissed)
  • Jake Kositchek (dated)

Crimes Committed:

Art Theft and forgery while brainwashed as Princess Gina

Character Description

Hope Williams was born to Addie Horton, who was stricken with leukemia at the time. Her mother died three months later while pushing Hope’s baby carriage out of the way from an oncoming truck. While her father Doug recovered from the tragic event, Hope lived with her grandparents, Tom and Alice Horton. A few years later, Hope was sent off to boarding school.

Hope returned from boarding school in 1981 as a fifteen year-old girl and briefly dated Jake Kositchek, who ultimately turned out to be the Salem Strangler. Feeling alone, Hope returned to boarding school. She returned to Salem in 1983 with Kristian Alfonso taking over the role. Hope quickly developed a crush on Roman Brady, who of course was married to Marlena. She unsuccessfully tried to seduce Roman. Eventually she fell in love with his younger brother Bo after spending a lot of time with him. Bo wouldn’t admit his feelings for Hope for a long time.

1984 - 1987

Bo and Hope nearly made love for the first time on her 18th birthday, but were interrupted by Doug, who experienced a heart attack upon witnessing the two of them together. Hope felt guilty and distanced herself from Bo.

Soon afterwards, Hope began seeing slimy district attorney Larry Welch, even though Bo was still in her heart. After Doug and Julie left for Europe, she tried to see Bo again, but he only pushed her away in an effort to keep her safe from the Salem Strangler. While preparing to marry Larry, Bo kidnapped Hope from the church and whisked her away on his motorcycle. Bo explained why he had to push her away and the two reconciled. Unfortunately, their blissful union was cut short when Hope was kidnaped by two men and forced to write Bo a “Dear John” letter and marry Larry. Otherwise, they would harm her family. Once again, Bo and Hope were driven apart.

Bo and Hope later met secretly and went on an adventure to New Orleans, where they finally made love for the first time. Feeling devastated over his brother Roman’s “death,” Bo would later push Hope away again. Hope decided to join the police academy and passed with flying colors. Bo and Hope eventually reconciled again. After an adventure in London of capturing The Dragon, Bo and Hope were finally married in a lavish ceremony in England on May 23, 1985.

The secret to Bo’s true paternity eventually came out, and the two moved into the Kiriakis Mansion. Hope wasn’t happy with the situation, and suffered a miscarriage as a result of the stress. Hope soon got pregnant again and gave birth to Shawn-Douglas Brady in 1987. Soon afterwards, the Brady’s set sail for a trip around the world aboard their boat, Fancy Face.


The Brady’s returned to Salem and set sail on the “Cruise of Deception,” aboard the Loretta and got involved with the dealings of Ernesto Toscano. Bo was heartbroken as he witnessed Hope suspended in a cage over a vat of acid, which exploded courtesy of Ernesto Toscano. Hope was presumed dead and Bo was forced to go on without her.

1994 - 1999

A woman named Gina was found at Maison Blanche, who beared a striking resemblance to Hope. Right after Bo proposed to Billie Reed, John brought the unconscious Hope look alike into Bo’s room. Gina had no memories of being Hope. Months later, matching fingerprint samples proved that Gina was really Hope and that Ernesto Toscano had replaced Hope with another woman named Greta at the last minute. Hope befriended Billie and ultimately resumed her life, but unfortunately Bo was in love with Billie. Hope stepped aside and granted Bo a divorce. Billie, though, decided to move to Paris in order to allow Bo to sort out his unresolved feelings.

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