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Profile of Kate Roberts


Profile of Kate Roberts

Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts)

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2007 NBC Universal

Portrayed by:
Deborah Adair (1993-1995)
Lauren Koslow (1996-Present)

Full Name:
Katherine Elizabeth Roberts

Other Names Used:
Kate Kiriakis (although the union wasn’t legal)
Kate Brown (when she was married to Curtis Reed)

Penthouse in Salem

Past Occupations:
Business Executive Partner at Mythic Communications
Business Executive at Basic Black
Waitress at the Hudson Street Diner
President of Titan Publishing
Editor-in-Chief of Bella Magazine
Editor/Owner of The Spectator
Waitress at the Road House Café

Austin Reed (son, with Curtis Reed)
Billie Reed (daughter, with Curtis Reed)
Lucas Roberts (son, with Bill Horton)
Philip Kiriakis (son, with Victor Kiriakis, although carried to term by Vivian Alamain)
Rex Brady (son, with Roman Brady, although carried to term by Marlena Evans)
Cassie Brady (daughter, with Roman Brady, although carried to term by Marlena Evans)
Chelsea Brady (granddaughter, via Billie)
Will Roberts (grandson, via Lucas)
Tyler Kiriakis (grandson, via Philip)

Curtis Reed (married, deceased)
William “Bill” Horton (lovers)
Victor Kiriakis (invalid marriage)
Nicholas Alamain (dated)
Vincent Moroni (affair)
Roman Brady (divorced)
John Black (lovers, once engaged)
EJ DiMera (lovers)
Stefano DiMera (lovers)
Anthony "Tony" DiMera (he flirted with her)

Crimes Committed:
Former Prostitute
Bigamy, in which she wed Victor while still legally married to Curtis
Framed Sami Brady for Franco Kelly’s murder
Conspiracy to commit murder
Tried to kill Victor with a poker
Set the Kiriakis Mansion on fire
Forged a codicil in Victor’s will
Tried to blackmail Victor into giving her money
Drugged Brandon Walker and Sami Brady
Attempted to change hospital records
Blackmailed Nick into producing a fake DNA report

Character Description:

Beautiful businesswoman Kate Roberts emerged into Salem in 1993. She soon went to work as a chief editor for powerful mogul Victor Kiriakis at Titan Publishing. Kate encountered Dr. Marlena Evans on her first day on the job, who had treated and befriended Kate in the past. Kate soon became romantically involved with Victor.

However, Kate was a woman who was harboring many secrets, including the fact that she was previously married to abuser Curtis Reed. Years earlier, Kate sought solace in the arms of Bill Horton, which ultimately resulted in son Lucas. Curtis discovered the affair and beat her, then threw her out. He furthered his revenge by telling her that her other two children had been killed in a car accident.

Kate eventually came across a small heart-shaped locket which she found in Jack and Jennifer Devereaux’s house. Inside the locket were pictures of her two babies, whom she longed for. She also came across a manuscript which she discovered in Jack’s office and eventually realized it was the story about her life. She soon married Victor, thinking she could put her troubled past behind her.

Soon afterwards, Kate paid mysterious visits to Laura Horton at Pine Haven. Laura had been in a catatonic state for the past 18 years. It was revealed that Kate was responsible for Laura’s condition, since Laura witnessed her husband Bill and Kate on the verge of making love 18 years ago. Vivian Alamain, Victor’s former lover, and Laura would team up to vow revenge against Kate.

Unfortunately, Kate’s not so dead husband Curtis Reed resurfaced into town and blackmailed Kate. He threatened to expose her sordid past to Victor unless she gave him money. She managed to swindle the money from Victor, but Curtis demanded more from her. When Kate refused to adhere to his demands, he savagely beat her. Curtis was murdered soon afterwards. The entire Kiriakis household became suspects, but Billie Reed was formally charged with the murder. Kate took over Billie’s company, Countess Wilhelmina, during this time which made Billie hate Kate more than ever.

During the murder trial, a sane Laura walked into the courtroom and exposed Kate as a bigamist and her affair with Bill. It was revealed to all that Bill was Lucas’s biological father. Additionally, Kate was revealed to be Austin and Billie’s mother. They were led to believe for many years that she abandoned them. Kate pursued a relationship with her children, although Billie still felt hatred in her heart for Kate. Victor now made a stipulation in their relationship: she had to give him a son. Unable to conceive, Kate visited a fertility clinic. Her nemesis Vivian discovered this and visited the same clinic, successfully switching her embryo with Kate’s. Vivian now managed to worm her way into the Kiriakis mansion since she was carrying the baby Victor wanted. She even conspired to marry Victor in what was supposed to be a rehearsal wedding. Vivian gave birth to baby Philip when the real wedding between Kate and Victor began. In an attempt to put more distance between Kate and Victor, Vivian drugged Kate’s coffee on the plane she was boarding, but Kate gave it to the pilot. Thus, Kate’s plane crashed into the ocean and Kate was now presumed dead.

A year later, Kate reappeared on a Spanish fishing vessel. The vessel actually rescued her from the crash. She was held captive and finally managed to jump overboard, winding up on a dessert island. She made her way back to Salem just in time to discover Victor and Vivian in bed together. A vengeful Kate confronted Victor about Vivian’s machinations, which prompted Victor to throw Vivian out. Kate soon became involved in a love triangle and a power struggle at Titan with Vivian. Victor suffered a stroke as a result of Vivian’s pursuit of him and baby Philip.

Kate had yet another nemesis to deal with: Sami Brady, who had juicy blackmail material on Kate. Sami possessed information revealing Kate’s past as a high-priced prostitute. Victor had a heart attack after discovering Kate’s secret past life as a prostitute and was placed in a nursing home. Kate was forced to give Sami a job at Titan in order to keep her from spilling the beans to Lucas about Kate’s dark past. It was soon revealed that Stefano knew Kate as a call girl and helped mold her into a successful businesswoman.

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