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Profile of Morgan Hollingsworth


Profile of Morgan Hollingsworth

Kristen Renton as Morgan Hollingsworth

Chris Haston / Copyright 2008 NBC Universal

Portrayed by: Kristen Renton (September 28, 2007 - October 3, 2008)

Previous Address: Alpha Chi Theta Sorority House

Educational / Work Experience:

  • Internship at DiMera Advertising
  • President of Alpha Chi Theta Sorority


  • Paul Hollingsworth (Father)
  • Name Unknown (Mother)


Best Friends:

  • Chelsea Brady
  • Stephanie Johnson

Crimes Committed:

  • Drugged Ford Decker’s drink after the sorority girls lured him over to the house.
  • Covered up Ford Decker’s death after he fell down the stairs at the sorority house.

Character History

Morgan Hollingsworth comes from a wealthy family and first appeared on the Salem scene as a stuck-up, superficial, and materialistic sorority girl when Chelsea Brady and Stephanie Johnson rushed her sorority house. She was impressed with Chelsea and Stephanie after they put together a bachelor auction at the Cheatin’ Heart, with the proceeds going towards the women's shelter. She accepted Chelsea and Stephanie into the sorority and the three became close friends. At the bachelor auction, Morgan was taken with the looks of Max Brady and bid a whopping $500 on him. Max and Morgan began dating and hit it off quite well, much to Stephanie’s chagrin. The two decided to give their relationship a chance.

When campus rapist Ford Decker began hitting on all the girls at a Halloween sorority party, Morgan reluctantly agreed to give the seemingly intoxicated jerk a ride home. Ford drugged her drink and nearly raped her, but fortunately Max came to the rescue just in time. Morgan was embarrassed by the incident, but incredibly grateful to Max for saving her. The southern belle began to show a more vulnerable side. Morgan testified against Ford at the college dean’s office, but thanks to Ford’s powerful attorney father, the charges against Ford were dropped.

Soon afterwards, Chelsea urged the sorority girls to lure Ford over to the sorority house in order to teach him a lesson. Morgan and the other girls drugged Ford’s drink, while he secretly drugged Chelsea’s drink. Ford groped Chelsea and chased her up the stairs, but things turned deadly when Ford took a tumble down the stairs and fell to his death. Stephanie summoned Max over to the house for help, and he buried Ford in the basement. Morgan and the other girls made a pact to never mention the incident to anyone. Shortly after the incident, Max moved the body out of the basement. Unable to push aside his lingering feelings for Stephanie, Max gently broke up with Morgan before Christmas.


Chelsea finally came clean and confessed to the police how Ford died. Crawford reluctantly agreed to drop all charges against the girls if they revealed where his son’s body was. The incident was out in the open and behind them, but Morgan reminded Chelsea that she broke a sacred vow in the Theta house. The girls voted to keep Chelsea as a sorority sister.

Morgan soon took an internship with Tony DiMera’s ad agency. Her father, Paul, arrived on the scene newly divorced and broke. Paul took a job as a field director of the customs department and worked on the docks. Morgan had a hard time dealing with the fact that her parents no longer loved each other. Little did Morgan know, John Black was bribing Paul into delaying the Kiriakis shipments. This resulted in a turf war between John and the Kiriakises with Paul caught in the middle. Morgan was further distressed when Paul was soon accused of taking a bribe.

Morgan began running into Philip more during this time, and although she was attracted to him, she made it known that she was one to put her foot down and speak her mind. She overheard Philip asking Max to spy on John Black on the docks. She soon confronted Philip and demanded that he leave her friends out of his dirty Kiriakis tricks. Philip tried to charm her with a drink, but she challenged him to a game of darts instead and ripped his shirt in the process. Philip soon found himself thinking more about Morgan, even though he took up a “friends with benefits” relationship with Chloe Lane Black.

After she witnessed a confrontation between Paul and John at the Java Café, she suspected that her father was working for John and warned him to stay away from her father. Worried about her father, she went to Philip for help, insisting that someone needed to stop John Black. Little did she know that Philip paid Paul to plant drugs onto John’s ship, but Paul acted outside of Philip's orders and set John's impounded warehouse on fire. Paul didn’t like the fact that his daughter was becoming chummy with Philip and warned her to stay away from him. Chloe also warned her rival to stay away from Philip.

Morgan was heartbroken when her father told her that he was leaving town, insisting that it wasn’t safe for him to be in Salem anymore. Morgan sought comfort from Philip, unaware of Philip and Paul's unholy alliance and unaware that Paul was recently threatened by Ava Vitali's goons. She ended up sobbing in Philip's arms and kissing him, which Chloe witnessed. Morgan shared one last emotional goodbye with her father before he departed town. Paul’s body was rolled into the river and it appeared as though he was dead.

When Chloe told the police that she saw Paul Hollingsworth on the pier the night of the warehouse fire, Morgan accused Chloe of lying. Chloe was actually covering for Lucas Horton, who was under house arrest from prison.

Morgan became distressed over her missing father, since she hadn’t heard from him. She was convinced that John Black was responsible for her father’s disappearance and was stunned when she discovered her father’s luggage at the police station, which contained a letter addressed to her. Philip continued to comfort Morgan over her missing father and found himself more drawn to her. Morgan finally read Paul’s letter, which stated that Paul left Salem because he had a lot of enemies and professed how much he loved his daughter.

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