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Profile of Nick Fallon


Profile of Nick Fallon

Blake Berris as Nick Fallon

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2008 NBC Universal

Portrayed by:

Blake Berris (November 6, 2006 - January 15, 2009)

Previous Addresses:

  • Leased an apartment in Salem
  • Mickey and Maggie Horton's House

Past Occupations:

  • Lab Technician at Salem University Hospital
  • Professor at Salem University


  • Joshua Fallon (father)
  • Jessica Blake Fallon (mother)

Other Relatives:

  • Alex Marshall (maternal grandfather)
  • Marie Horton (maternal grandmother)
  • John Talbot (paternal grandfather)
  • Sunny Chisholm (paternal grandmother, deceased)
  • Tom Horton Sr. (maternal great-grandfather, deceased)
  • Alice Grayson Horton (maternal great-grandmother)
  • Tommy Horton Jr. (maternal great-uncle)
  • Addie Horton (maternal great-aunt, deceased)
  • Mickey Horton (maternal great-uncle)
  • Julie Olson Williams (maternal first cousin)
  • Hope Williams Brady (maternal first cousin)
  • Melissa Horton (maternal first cousin via adoption)
  • Sarah Horton (maternal first cousin via adoption)
  • Mike Horton (maternal first cousin)
  • Jeremy Horton (maternal second cousin)
  • Jennifer Horton Devereaux (maternal first cousin)
  • Lucas Roberts (maternal first cousin)

Best Friend:

Max Brady


  • Billie Reed (one-night stand)
  • Chelsea Brady (dated, lovers)
  • China Lee (married, annulled)
  • Melanie Layton (kissed, stalked)

Crimes Committed:

  • Stole a blank lab report from the hospital.
  • Stole Chelsea’s incriminating hairbrush from the lab.
  • Produced a fake DNA test proving E.J. DiMera fathered Sami Brady's twins.
  • Harboring a fugitive (Jeremy Horton)
  • Broke into Ford Decker's dorm room and obtained illegal evidence against him as the campus rapist.
  • Killed Trent Robbins.
  • Stalked and terrorized Melanie Layton.

Character Description

Nick Fallon came to town in an effort to better acquaint himself with his Horton relatives. He became fast friends with his second cousin Abby and instantly smitten with the angry and rebellious Chelsea Brady, despite her harsh treatment of him. Nevertheless, he was intrigued and found her wild and dangerous nature exciting.

Nick soon landed a job at Salem University Hospital as a lab technician and found an antidote which helped saved Dr. Kayla Johnson, who was poisoned by a rare biological toxin.

Chelsea initially thought of Nick as nothing more than a loser and a geek, so Nick got rid of his glasses and traded in his nerdy wardrobe for a more updated look. He created an online identity named Lonely Splicer and began instant messaging Chelsea, AKA Angry Angel, in an attempt to get to know her better. Chelsea was oblivious that Nick and Lonely Splicer were actually the same person. Aware that Nick had a crush on her, she used Nick and took advantage of him, asking him to find out Lonely Splicer’s real name. Nick made up the name Shane Patton and emailed Chelsea a picture of his boss, Dr. Rebert. Chelsea became convinced that Shane Patton was the love of her life.

On New Year’s Day in 2007, Nick came over to Chelsea’s house to meet with her but encountered an intoxicated and distressed Billie instead. Feeling alone, the two ended up making love. Both lived to regret it and swore never to tell Chelsea.

Nick and Chelsea eventually became good friends and even went to Canada together to help Shawn and Belle, who were on the run from Philip Kiriakis. This adventure brought them closer and it seemed as though Chelsea was actually falling for Nick. Their closeness was brought to an abrupt halt when she discovered that he was Lonely Splicer all along. Chelsea was heartbroken by his deception and never wanted to see him again. Nick was crushed because by now he was truly in love with Chelsea.

Chelsea soon landed a job at the hospital lab as a lab assistant, unaware that Dr. Rebert was a pervert who targeted young women. Nick saved Chelsea from getting raped by Dr. Rebert and she forgave him. The two teamed up and exposed Dr. Rebert. Nick then began tutoring her in calculus. The two were on the verge of a meaningful relationship when Chelsea finally learned the awful truth that her boyfriend and her mother previously slept together. She was devastated and cut both Nick and Billie out of her life.

Soon afterwards, a pregnant Sami came to Nick and asked him to falsify an amnio report naming Lucas as the father to her baby. Nick reluctantly agreed to give her a blank lab report. When Chelsea was suspected of setting fire to Bo and Hope’s house, Nick stole her incriminating hairbrush from the lab. Chelsea and Nick rekindled their romance after he decided to stand by her.

Feeling sorry for a pregnant Willow Stark, Nick offered to help her out by giving her money and finding her a place to live. She took advantage of Nick’s good nature and blackmailed him, threatening to expose his part in swiping the hairbrush from the lab. She then broke into his bedroom and discovered the hairbrush, threatening to turn him in if he didn’t hand over his assets. Nick met her at the beach one night per her demands. A struggle for the hairbrush ensued, and Willow hit her head on the log and died. Chelsea stood by Nick as he was cleared of any wrongdoing in her death.

Nick and Chelsea finally made love for the first time, but the experience was less than thrilling for Chelsea. Soon afterwards, Nick was blackmailed by Kate Roberts into producing a fake DNA report stating that EJ is the father of Sami’s twins. Otherwise, she’d report his stolen hairbrush scheme. Feeling tormented, Nick produced a blank lab report stating that EJ was the biological father. He vowed to run a real DNA test on his own.

Nick soon discovered that Lucas was the real father of Sami's twins, and rushed over to Lucas and Sami's apartment to reveal the truth. He found a ticking bouquet of flowers and pushed Sami back into the apartment, saving her life. Unfortunately, he suffered a concussion and temporary amnesia. He rushed off to las Vegas to find Chelsea.

Nick found Chelsea sharing a close moment with Jett Carver by the hot tub in Vegas. She gave him the cold shoulder and brushed him off. Nick soon won $50,000 in the casino and gave Chelsea an impromptu proposal. She turned him down flat. Nick encountered a beautiful temptress named China Lee and married her, although he didn't remember the wedding due to his concussion.

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