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10 Ways to Address What Happened to Bo Brady

Resolving Peter Reckell's Absence from 'Days of Our Lives'


10 Ways to Address What Happened to Bo Brady

Peter Reckell

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
10 Ways to Address What Happened to Bo Brady

Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Peter Reckell Kristian Alfonso Lauren Boles

Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso, and Lauren Boles as Bo, Hope, and Ciara Brady

Trae Patton / Copyright 2009 NBC Universal

Remember Bo Brady -- Hope's husband, Ciara's father and Caroline's favorite son? He's been mysteriously missing from Salem since October 2012 with barely a mention or a phone call. Yet, the soap still hasn't explained what’s happened him.

If Peter Reckell isn't returning to the soap -- which seems to be the case, and the powers-that-be don't plan on recasting Bo -– which also seems to be he case; it's time the show's writers come up with a story to resolve things.

Here's a list of 10 ways Days of Our Lives can address what happened to Bo Brady.

1. The long believed dead Megan Hathaway –- remember her; she was  Bo’s former girlfriend and introduced back in 1984? –- is really alive and well. Still obsessed with her teenage sweetheart, she had him kidnapped and put in a barred cell, determined to make him her love slave. (Yes, it’s a redux of the Jan/Shawn story.)

2. Stefano DiMera has struck again! Bo, who’s been off looking for information to put the nefarious crime lord behind bars once and for all, got a little too close for comfort. When Stefano got wind of things via his minions, he ordered Bo’s capture. Now Bo is shackled in a dungeon a la John Black. Plus, Stefano’s summoned Dr. Rolf out of retirement and ordered him to brainwash the Salem hero.

3. Another tried and true daytime twist: amnesia. While off on his cryptic mission, Bo suffered an accident that resulted in a severe head trauma. Upon awakening in a hospital bed with his ID mysteriously missing, Bo remembered nothing about who he is or his past. All he kept muttering over and over was the same word, “hope... hope...” His befuddled doctors take it as a good sign. Despite his memory loss, their patient is remaining positive that he will recall his true identity.

4. Carly, who was last seen heading off to rehab to kick a pill addiction, had a major relapse and started using again. Only this time, she turned to major drugs. After a terrified Melanie tried everything she could to reach her mother, she came to the realization that there was only one person who could: Bo. Melanie tracked him down and begged for his help. Knowing Carly’s life was at risk, Bo agreed to try to save her.

5. After receiving an SOS from Shawn, Bo raced to his son’s side and learned that Belle and Claire have gone missing. While Belle left a goodbye letter for her husband, explaining that she needed time alone and instructing him not to look for her or Claire, Shawn suspects foul play and that Philip is somehow involved. Together, Bo and his son set off on a search for Shawn’s missing family.

6. Former ISA agent Billie, who was last seen heading to Europe, realized she’d had her fill of the frivolous cosmetic world. So she contacted Bo and offered to help him on his mission to take down Stefano. The pair joined forces, working closely together and stirring up Billie’s old feelings for her ex. One night, she took advantage of a drunk Bo and they ended up in bed. A guilty Bo can’t bear to return home and face Hope, after straying.

7. Can anyone say midlife crisis? After years of residing behind a white picket fence with Hope and their family, Bo simply grew tired of ho-hum suburban life. Unable to control his wanderlust any longer, he used bringing down Stefano as an excuse to get away from it all. Ultimately, Bo decided to return to his first love, sailing, and rejoined the Merchant Marines.

8. News reaches Salem that Bo has been killed. Hope, Caroline and the rest of the Brady family mourn their terrible loss. Hope, however, can’t shake the feeling that her husband is still alive. She starts have recurring dreams about a mysterious island and a man, whose face is in bandages, awakening in a hospital room.

9. While wandering around Europe, Bo spotted a young man that looked strangely familiar. Whenever Bo tried to approach him, he quickly disappeared. Still, Bo couldn’t shake the feeling that he knew him. Determined to find out his identity, Bo tracked him to the late Princess Gina’s castle and discovered a prince named Zack. Could his and Hope’s son be alive? While he searches for the truth, he keeps the information to himself.

10. Since Days is months ahead in their taping schedule, let’s pinpoint mid-April 2014 as Bo’s return to Salem. He shows up at the Brady Pub, explains why he was gone for over a year, and his happy family eagerly embraces him. Bo and Hope return home –- that is if their set still exists at the show’s studio -- and make up for lost time.


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