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EJ and Sami

A twisted and tumultuous 'Days of Our Lives' love story


EJ and Sami

James Scott and Alison Sweeney

Courtesy: Getty Images/Kevin Winter

EJ Di Mera and Sami Brady's relationship hasn't gone the route of most daytime romances. The Days of Our Lives pairing was initiated by EJ's father, Stefano, who sent his son to Salem to impregnate a Brady. EJ fulfilled Stefano's wish, albeit in twisted fashion. He forced Sami to have sex with him in return for saving Lucas' life. 

Yet, despite their questionable beginning there's always been an undeniable spark between the couple and, eventually, Sami gave herself to EJ freely. Their combative yet loving relationship has produced two beautiful children and included everything from kidnappings to custody battles. Here's a look at one of the most unique supercouples in soap opera history.


EJ calls Sami by her full name, Samantha. Fans have dubbed the twosome “Ejami,” a combo of EJ and Sami.

First Scene

It was wet and wild. EJ was clad in a towel, having just gotten out of the shower. Sami was soaked, thanks to a plumbing problem in her apartment. She knocked on EJ’s door on May 30, 2006 to retrieve a wrench he’d borrowed. While fetching it, EJ’s towel dropped and Sami got an eyeful. “Certainly an improvement over the last neighbor,” she chuckled.

First Dance

After admitting to EJ that she was “the bad seed” of her family, he suggested the two of them have their own party that night. Sami spied some couples doing the tango on the pier, and EJ admitted he’d learned the dance years ago. Then, he gave Sami an impromptu private lesson on June 19, 2006.

First Kiss

The accidental smooch took place on August 22, 2006. Sami woke up from a dream the morning of her wedding to Austin, just as EJ happened into her bedroom. “Good morning,” she whispered, pulling an eager EJ into a passionate kiss. Sami, whose eyes were still closed, thought he was her fiance. She was stunned when she opened them and realized it wasn’t. Oops!

First Child

Johnny DiMera was born first on October 23, 2007, followed by his “twin” sister Allie Horton. Marlena delivered the infants, while Lucas, who initially believed they were both his, was there for support. After a few paternity tests, however, it was revealed that the baby boy was actually EJ's biological son.

First Wedding

To put a permanent end to the Brady/DiMera feud, Sami agreed to marry EJ on November 9, 2007. There was only one problem: she was already wed to Lucas. After having that marriage annulled, Sami begrudgingly planned her nuptials to EJ, despite Lucas and Will's objections. It wasn't exactly a blissful affair. The bride wore black, gunshots rang out after the duo were pronounced husband and wife, and EJ, who was hit, was rushed to the hospital. It turned out Will was the culprit, but Lucas took the blame to protect his son, even serving jail time for the crime.

First Time Making Love

After EJ expressed his deep remorse for what happened the night Johnny was conceived and Sami agreed to forgive him and move on, the duo shared a passionate liplock, fueled by Sami's jealousy of Nicole. EJ questioned Sami about the reason behind the kiss, later. “I wanted to,” whispered Sami, acknowledging that she had developed real feelings for EJ. They shared another kiss. Then, the duo headed upstairs, where they made love for the first time on May 20, 2008. Lucas, who was just freed from prison, arrived in time to find the pair entangled beneath the sheets. Sami left EJ's bed and ran after Lucas to explain.


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