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Was Drake Hogestyn (John) fired from DAYS or did he choose to leave the show?


Question: Was Drake Hogestyn (John) fired from DAYS or did he choose to leave the show?
Many fans were shocked when Drake Hogestyn's character of John Black was killed off in October 2007. Did the actor choose to leave the show or did the-powers-that-be decide to fire him?
Answer: Although rumors had circulated this year that Drake had been fired from the show, many loyal fans didn't want to believe that one of the most beloved characters in the history of DAYS would actually be let go. Months before his contract was set to expire in December of 2007, Drake had expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of airtime his character had received as of lately, since John was comatose for the first few months of the year and then sat around reading ancient love letters. Drake had indicated at a fan event back in June of 2007 that it was his "Final Mission," and that he may choose to leave when his contract expired at the end of the year. However, cast members and fans alike were stunned when DAYS made a bold move and decided to let the actor go and thus kill off his character. This is "Days of Our Lives," though, where characters come back from the dead time and time again. Fans and cast members are still holding out hope that one day Drake will return to the role which made him famous.

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