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Who raped Kayla Johnson and when did it happen?


Question: Who raped Kayla Johnson and when did it happen?
On a July 2007 episode, Kayla revealed to Lucas that what happened to Sami also happened to her. What did she mean by this?
Answer: Kayla was Jack Devereaux's nurse back in 1987 when he was suffering from Hodgkin's disease. Steve discovered during this time that Jack was really his long lost baby brother Billy Johnson. Realizing that an ill Jack was in love with Kayla, Steve pushed her away and into the arms of Jack. Kayla married Jack even though she was still in love with Steve. In January 1988, Jack discovered photographs of Steve and Kayla kissing at a New Year's Eve party. He flew into a rage and raped her on the couch at the loft.

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