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Days of Our Lives’ Very Brady Quiz

Test Your Knowledge on Salem's Blue Collar Clan


Days of Our Lives’ Very Brady Quiz

Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso, Lauren Boles

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton

The Brady family has been a prominent part of Days of Our Lives’ Salem, since number one son Roman was first introduced in 1981. Viewers promptly fell in love with the clan raised by Shawn and Caroline and their numerous offspring. See how much you really know about them by taking this quiz.

1. Roman was the first Brady to arrive in Salem. How did he introduce himself to his future wife, Marlena?

2. Did you know that Roman’s little brother, Bo, originally had another name, when Kayla mentioned him? What was it?

3. Mary Beth Evans has become synonymous with Kayla Brady, but she wasn’t the original actress to portray the role. Who was?

4. There’s a connection between The Partridge Family and Salem’s Brady bunch. What is it?

5. The Brady Pub was originally another establishment. What?

6. Did Peggy McCay and Frank Parker originate the roles of Caroline and Shawn Brady?

7. Where did Carrie Brady spend the first four years of her life?

8. Who were Roman and Marlena’s twins, Eric and Samantha, named after?

9. Viewers haven’t seen hide nor hair of Eric Brady, since he split town when Jensen Ackles left the show in 2000. Eric nearly died before his exit. Can you recall what happened to him?

10. Kimberly Brady suffered a traumatic event in her past that triggered a multiple personality disorder years later. What happened to her?

11. What led to the reveal that Belle’s daughter, Claire, was really Shawn’s biological child and not Philip’s?

12. In 2006, NBC ran an on-line contest to let viewers vote for the name of Bo and Hope’s baby. Ciara Alice won. What were the other two choices?

13. Speaking of Ciara, until her parents named her, daddy Bo gave her this adorable moniker.

14. How did the Brady family patriarch, Shawn Sr., die?

15. How many grandchildren does Caroline Brady have?

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