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DiMera Family Tree

Who's Related to Whom in the 'Days of Our Lives' Crime Clan


DiMera Family Tree

James Scott, Thaao Penghlis, Joseph Mascolo

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

Days of Our Lives’ DiMera family made their Salem debut back in 1982. Thirty years later, the upperclass, Italian clan still reigns supreme as the show’s most prominent and powerful criminal force. They've carried out an array of evil deeds, from orchestrating murders and kidnappings to brainwashing unsuspecting Salemites. Yet, through it all, the Salem police department has never been able to put them away for their crimes. Here’s a look at their complicated family tree –- from patriarch Santo to his adorable, great grandson, Johnny.

Santo DiMera and an Unnamed Woman

Five Unnamed Sons (deceased)
One Unnamed Son (deceased)
1. Relationship with an Unnamed Woman (deceased)
Child: Andre DiMera
.......... married Anna Fredericks (divorced)
.......... married Kristen Blake (annulled)

Child: Stefano DiMera
1. Affair with Lee DuMonde (deceased)
Child: Renée DuMonde (deceased)
......... married David Banning (divorced)
......... married Alex Marshall
2. Common law marriage with Daphne DiMera
Child: Antony DiMera (legally named and raised a DiMera, but Daphne’s lover Enrico’s biological son)
3. Affair with an Unknown Woman
Child: Megan Hathaway (deceased)
4. Affair with Celeste Perrault
Child: Lexie Brooks Carver
........ married Abe Carver
Child: Theo Carver
5. Affair with Ellen Hawk (deceased)
Child: Benjy Hawk (deceased)
........ married Sonja Hawk
Child: Steven Hawk
6. Affair with Susan Banks
Child: EJ DiMera
....... married Sami Brady
Child: Johnny DiMera
Child: Sydney DiMera
....... married Nicole Walker
7. Affair with Madeline Petersen (deceased)
Child: Chad Petersen-Woods aka Chad DiMera
....... affair with Mia McCormick
Child: Grace Brady (deceased)
8. Married Vivian Alamain (divorced)
9. Married Kate Roberts

Santo DiMera and Colleen Brady

Child: Ryan DiMera aka John Black
1. Married Isabella Toscano (deceased)
Child: Brady Black
.......... married Chloe Lane (divorced)
2. Married Marlena Evans
Child: Isabella Black
......... married Philip Kiriakis (divorced)
......... married Shawn Douglas Brady
Child: Claire Brady

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