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EJ DiMera Quiz

How Much Do You Know about This 'Days of Our Lives' Charmer?


EJ DiMera Quiz

James Scott

Courtesy: Getty Images/Michael Loccisano

From the moment EJ DiMera stepped foot in Salem he was trouble with a capital “T.” Whether he was scheming to break up Sami and Lucas or plotting a nefarious crime, the tall, dark and handsome character quickly emerged as one of Days of Our Lives' most popular villains. See how much you can recall about the dastardly DiMera, by taking the following quiz.

1. What was EJ’s original birth date?

2. Everyone believed EJ was raised by his mother, Susan Banks, and her husband, Edmund Crumb, in England. But where did he really grow up?

3. What name did EJ go by, when he first arrived in town?

4. EJ was once a celebrated sports figure. Can you recall the sport?

5. Why was EJ sent to Salem?

6. Who was the first woman EJ had a torrid affair with in town?

7. What was the name of the company EJ co-owned with Kate Roberts?

8. What Salem hero did EJ attempt to kill by shooting him at point blank range?

9. Upon fleeing the scene of the crime, EJ picked up Sami, who was searching for someone to help save Lucas’s life. EJ agreed for a price. What was it?

10. How did EJ learn he was the father of one of Sami’s unborn twins?

11. Via flashbacks, it was revealed that EJ brainwashed and tortured a beloved and once believed dead Salemite. Who was it?

12. Although Sami loved Lucas, she agreed to divorce him and marry EJ. Why?

13. Someone interrupted the pair’s wedding. Who was it and what did they do?

14. During his marriage to Sami, Days fans learned EJ had another profession, when he landed a respectable new job. What was it?

15. How did EJ meet his next lover, Nicole?

16. What prompted Sami and EJ’s night of passion that led to the conception of their daughter, Sydney?

17. After the Sydney/Grace baby switch was exposed, Sydney was mysteriously kidnapped. Who discovered EJ was the mastermind behind to plot and what did he/she blackmail him to do?

18. The truth finally came out on Sami and EJ’s wedding day. Who exposed it and what ultimately happened?

19. Sami has tried to kill EJ, twice. Can you remember how?

20. Why did EJ decide to run for mayor of Salem?

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