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Will Horton Quiz

Test your knowledge on the 'Days of Our Lives' character


Will Horton Quiz

Chandler Massey

Courtesy: ACP/Adam Campbell
Growing up the son of Days of Our Lives’ Lucas and Sami has meant a complicated life for Will Horton. He’s survived custody battles, breakups, reconciliations and an array of stepparents. Yet, thanks to the support of the rest of his family, he’s emerged into a kindhearted and courageous young man, who recently came out as gay. See how much you can recall about this complex character, by taking the following quiz.

1. What is Will’s real birth date?

2. Since he was born, Will has undergone three name changes. Do you know each of them?

3. As a child, Will suffered a brain injury. Who was responsible for it?

4. How many actors have played Will?

5. Which actors have received Emmy nominations for their portrayal of Will?

6. In 2006, Lucas married Carrie, and Sami was slated to marry Austin. Then, Sami was blackmailed into calling off her wedding and admitting her scheme to break up Austin and Carrie. A furious Will ran away from home. Where did he go?

7. Why did Will finally return home?

8. What prompted Will to leave Salem and move to Switzerland to live with Austin and Carrie in 2010?

9. Will and his first girlfriend, Mia, had an unusual “family” connection. What was it?

10. What special gift did Will give Mia on their first Valentine’s Day together?

11. Why did Will ultimately break up with Mia?

12. Will and his second girlfriend, Gabi, had a “family” connection, too. What was it?

13. What discovery did Will and Gabi make, while looking at Rafe and Sami’s wedding pictures?

14. Who did Will tell he was in love with Gabi before he actually told her?

15. Will took Gabi to a hotel to make love for the first time. What did the nervous couple do before they consummated their relationship?

16. What did Will ask Gabi to do, right before she broke up with him?

17. Where did Will meet Sonny?

18. When Will started working for EJ, his new boss gifted him with two things. What were they?

19. What was the name of the guy Will shared his first kiss with and what did he attribute his actions to?

20. What was the name of the gay bar Will was at the night Stefano was “murdered?”

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