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Mike Horton and Robin Jacobs

Two Doctors Torn Apart by Religious Faith


Mike Horton and Robin Jacobs

Michael T. Weiss and Derya Ruggles (Dr. Michael "Mike" Horton and Dr. Robin Jacobs)

Frank Carroll / NBCU Photo Bank (1986)

Dr. Robin Jacobs arrived on board at Salem University Hospital as the new Chief of Surgery in 1985. She and Mike didn’t exactly hit it off at first. They eventually developed feelings for one another, but their opposing religious backgrounds kept them apart. Robin was an Orthodox Jew and Mike was a Christian. Robin insisted that she couldn’t pursue a relationship with anyone who didn’t share her same religious beliefs. Although she had strong feelings for Mike, she began dating Mitch Kaufman.

Mike relentlessly continued to pursue her nonetheless, trying to do whatever it took to prove that he was worthy of her. She finally broke down and confessed her love to him, but still couldn’t commit to him because of her religious beliefs. Mike turned to his good friend Ivy for comfort even though he still loved Robin, and Robin dated Mitch despite her lingering love for Mike.

The two doctors, along with the help of Robin’s father Robert LeClair, eventually discovered the secret identity of a new doctor at the hospital and worked together to bring criminal charges against the escaped Nazi. However, Robin still stuck to her religious beliefs. Soon afterwards, Mitch Kaufman proposed to Robin. Before she could answer him though, Mike and Robin had to rush off to another town to help victims of a tornado. They also assisted a man who lived on a deserted island and became trapped on the island due to the raging storm. During this time, they finally made love for the first time. When they returned to Salem, Robin still couldn’t commit to Mike and accepted Mitch’s marriage proposal. Mike attempted to talk Robin out of it but she married Mitch anyway, as a heartbroken Mike witnessed the nuptials.

Mike began dating Ivy, but never loved her more than anything as a friend. Ivy realized this and eventually left Salem. Mitch also realized that Robin’s heart belonged to Mike and had their marriage annulled. Mike finally made the decision to convert to Robin’s faith and proposed to Robin. Although Robin was thrilled, she worried that he only wanted to convert so he could be with her, not because he truly wanted to be Jewish in his heart.

Their relationship changed forever when Robin was shot one night by an intruder while investigating a computer disk. She recovered from the attack and spied Mike in the hospital chapel praying for her. In his prayers, he revealed that he would never be able to give up Christianity in his heart. Robin broke things off with Mike and left Salem in 1987.

Two years later, Robin returned to town briefly from Israel and tried to win Mike back. By that time, though, he was in love with April Ramirez. Robin dropped a huge bombshell on him: she had given birth to his son Jeremy. During this time, the two parents disagreed on what religious faith Jeremy should be brought up as. Robin eventually moved back to Israel to raise their son. Mike left Salem a year later after he was summoned to duty overseas, then lived in Israel with Robin and their son.

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