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Days of Our Lives: Putting The Super In "Supercouples"


Ask any soap opera fan what Days of Our Lives is best known for and they'll tell you in a word: supercouples. Since its debut in 1965, the show has had an uncanny knack for creating some of the most memorable duos in daytime television history. Here's a look back at its 10 all-time best.

Tom and Alice

The patriarch and matriarch of the Horton family are the indisputable first couple of Salem. Tom and Alice thrived through thick and thin and set an example for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren about what true love and commitment are all about.

Doug and Julie

Courtesy: NBC/Paul Drinkwater

Life imitated art for Doug and Julie. While the two characters were creating onscreen magic, the actors who portrayed them, Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes, were falling head over heels in love with one another, too. Both couplings have stood the test of time –- they’ve been together 30 years and counting!

Tony and Anna

Courtesy: Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Their romance didn't exactly start off picture perfect. In fact, Anna had to drug Tony to get him to marry her the first time. But before long Tony was captivated by the bratty, beguiling Anna and a genuine love blossomed between them, until Tony disappeared. When he resurfaced 20 years later, they reunited and wed, only to be forever separated by Tony's untimely demise.

John and Marlena

Courtesy: Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain

Marlena first fell for John, when she believed he was her late husband back from the dead. By the time she learned he wasn't really Roman, it was too late. She loved him wholeheartedly and there was no turning back. She stood by his side, while he battled through an array of identities from a sainted priest to a DiMera. And, through it all, John remained devoted to his beloved Doc.

Bo and Hope

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

Childhood pals Bo and Hope reconnected, when Bo rode back into Salem on his motorcycle and caught the eye of spoiled, little rich girl Hope. She was smitten with the rugged rebel and vice versa. Their romance has been a bona fide adventure ride, splattered with obstacles and tragedy along the way, but they've overcome and made it through together.

Shane and Kimberly

Who would have ever thought that a sexy secret agent and an ex-prostitute could emerge as the best of friends and lovers? Their road to happiness, however, was an uphill battle from the get go, complicated by Shane’s crazed ex-wife, Emma, and scheming, long lost daughter, Eve, and Kimberly’s multiple personalities. In the end, it eventually led to their downfall.

Steve and Kayla

Courtesy: Getty Images/David Livingston

Kayla saw through Steve’s bad boy act and touched his heart like no one before her ever had. What choice did he have but to succumb to his beautiful “Sweetness?” The pair’s love has stood the test of time and the dastardly DiMeras, who orchestrated Steve’s “death.” When Steve finally resurfaced 16 years later, he and Kayla picked up where they left off – happily married and devoted to one another.

Jack and Jennifer

Courtesy: Getty Images/Peter Kramer

When cub reporter Jennifer started working at The Salem Spectator, wacky Jack found himself uncomfortably intrigued. He fought their attraction for months, before finally admitting he was in love. Their unorthodox pairing has always been entertaining, whether they’re together, separated, or fighting to find their way back to each other.

Sami and Lucas

They started out as scheming pals, trying to land each other’s brother (Austin) and sister (Carrie), but along the way conceived a son forever linking them together. Although Sami and Lucas fought ferociously for years, they eventually realized they were meant to be and married. Sadly, they ended up splitting over Sami’s affair with EJ.

Shawn and Belle

Courtesy: Getty Images/Mark Mainz

It was a match made in daytime heaven. Bo and Hope’s son, Shawn, fell for John and Marlena’s daughter, Belle. Their tender love story blossomed in high school and a second generation supercouple was born. A marriage and a daughter, Claire, completed their happily-ever-after fairytale.

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