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Crystal Chappell and Peter Reckell Online Media Chat

Group Interview Conducted on November 2, 2009


Peter Reckell Crystal Chappell

Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell as Bo Brady and Carly Manning

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2009 NBC Universal

Paulette Cohen with ET: For Crystal, last time we saw Carly she had been buried alive. Are they going to play ramifications of that? And also you just mentioned that her husband was holding her captive, so what is it with her that people want to imprison her?

CC: That's a really good question. She's just kind of a wild thing isn't she? I don’t know why they want to hold her captive, lock her up in little boxes. We do talk about the buried alive thing. The relationship was Carly and Vivian is so delicious, it's so much fun to do. And they joke about it, the two of them. So it's certainly going to be discussed. But, you know, they're on to a whole another...

PR: Was Vivian responsible for you being buried?

CC: Oh yeah, she's buried me alive. And Lawrence dug me up, so there you go. I know, isn't that funny? And it is going to be dealt with, but in a humorous way.

Paulette Cohen: And Peter, you've been on the show quite a while. Now do your fans remember Carly, or what kind of response are you getting from them about this new storyline?

PR: I actually was really surprised of the response because the news came out when I went to New York on sort of a publicity tour for the Emmys, and so I got to speak to a lot of fans and people like yourself. And almost everybody I spoke to was really, really excited about Crystal coming back to the show. You know, mostly because it would bring some interest to the Bo and Hope storyline.

Kathy Chandel with Dayscafe.com: Both of your characters are very powerful with great leadership qualities and a well conveyed sense of independence. But who is the one person in your opinion who would have the most influence over your character?

PR: I'm pretty strong headed, so probably my daughter because I want the best for her. I want my life to go in a way that will not hurt her.

Kathy Chandel: So do you think that Carly would turn mostly to Bo for advice or is there anybody else she might turn to?

CC: Sure, I think that she, you know, sort of being new to Salem again that he's the person that she would go to, because she knows him and she trusts him and he knows her and she's aware that she can tell him anything.

Kathy Chandel: And for Peter, who do you think would be the one person that Bo would turn to for advice?

PR: Right now it's kind of cool because there's really nobody. I'm helping Carly, so it's actually today we're doing scenes about that where Carly comes into town and she's kind of a mess, and so I feel good because I can help her, but at the same time I'm frustrated because I usually go to Hope and we can't talk anymore. So right now I'm kind of up in the air, kind of in limbo. No matter how strong we are, we need somebody. You know, that ‘go to’ person and...kind of leaning towards Carly right now.

Kathy Chandel: Do you think that Carly and Hope could ever become friends?

PR: Both very powerful women and strong characters, so yeah.

CC: They're not...

PR: If that Bo guy wasn't around to make...

CC: They'd totally hook up...

Kathy Chandel: He might just be out.

CC: Yeah, I mean, it isn't a mean spirited group. There isn't the evil interloper, it's just like Peter said. It's the circumstances of their lives right now.

Navelle Lee from BuzzWorthy Radio: Crystal, wonderful having you back on the show. Great to see you back as Carly Manning. And one of the things that always has intrigued me about your character is not just the Carly and Bo interactions, but also the Carly and Vivian interactions as well. And one of the things that I'm wondering if you would like to have addressed on the show is, I believe Carly has a son, Nicky, right?

CC: She does, yes.

Navelle Lee: Would you like them to maybe have Carly's son come back into the forefront, which could kind of elevate more of the Carly and Vivian relationship?

CC: The more the merrier. Although, you know, at least at this point it's perfect that it's just Carly and Vivian. They have some catching up to do. There's some issues to resolve.

Navelle Lee: Yeah, that issue of being very alive. I think they have to settle right?

CC: I know, she's so strange. She must have been (unintelligible) too. That's what I'm thinking. Yeah, it's a really fun relationship, Vivian and Carly. Vivian is a real threat. So, as strong as Carly likes to think she is, she'll start to crumble. She'll start to break down under the pressure and we'll be there to help her.

Navelle Lee: And Peter, last time we talked, I know we talked before about your guest stint on 30 Rock. Do you have any idea who you're playing yet?

PR: Oh yeah, I'm playing Bo, you know. It's one of the characters on the show, 30 Rock likes Days of Our Lives. And so that character turns on Days of Our Lives, and they see Bo and Hope do a scene.

Navelle Lee: So is it a scene that they specifically written for that episode?

PR: It's a scene that they wrote for the show. It's kind of tongue in cheek. It's really cute.

Navelle Lee: You have any idea when that's going to pop up on our screens over here?

PR: Sometime in the beginning of February I think is when they said it's going to air.

Michael Fairman: My first question is for Crystal. So Louise Sorel, we saw her first on air, the audience, on Friday ripping up your picture, Carly's picture. Have you actually taped scenes with her yet? And also, when you were brought back in and you were going to sign your contract with DAYS and come back, did you know that they were going to bring Vivian back to be a nemesis of yours?

CC: We've had some really, really great scenes. They're writing it with a lot of, I mean, it's intense. But there's humor in it too. They’re good adversaries, you know, they're both strong women. Carly has got a murder under her belt so she's not the same woman that she was. So it's a pretty evenly matched relationship. And no I didn't know, I signed my contract in June and then Louise called me four weeks later or something like that, six weeks later and said they want me to come back. And especially I knew what the beginning of the story was, so it made sense that Vivian would come back and avenge her nephew's death.

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