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Nadia Bjorlin Interview

Candid talk about Chloe’s ‘Days of Our Lives’ exit and embarking on ‘Dirty Soap’


Nadia Bjorlin Interview

Nadia Bjorlin

Courtesy: NBC/Justin Lubin

Watching the once sweet, sheltered Chloe Lane disintegrate into a desperate prostitute was hard for Days of Our Lives viewers to watch and even harder for actress Nadia Bjorlin to play. Bjorlin discusses the "lame" story turn, her bittersweet Salem exit, and her "scary" venture into E!'s Dirty Soap.

What was your reaction when you learned Chloe was becoming a hooker?
At first, I wasn’t keen on the idea. Then, I thought, because Chloe was originally blackmailed into becoming a prostitute, that it could be a really horrible dilemma. What would someone do in the name of love for their child? That’s a valid subject to broach. It could have been really tragic, but it just wasn’t executed well.

What did you object to?
Chloe started going on this path of patheticism and feeling like this was the only way she [could earn enough money to get Parker back]. It also started to look like she was [prostituting herself] voluntarily. I thought that aspect was really lame, and I wasn’t happy about it.

Was it difficult to play?
Absolutely. I’m fiercely protective of Chloe. For years, I always felt very fortunate to have such a great character and to be able to play out her stories, but I didn’t recognize her towards the end. Also, just the tone that the show has had lately of victimizing all the women and making all the men criminals... I don’t think people want to live vicariously through any of that.

You’ve already shot your final Days scenes. (They air September 29.) What can you share about Chloe's exit?
With the way that the story was going and how I really wasn’t pleased with it, it was the best possible outcome. The nice part was, the last week, Chloe kind of reconnects with Brady, which is a throwback to the history of the characters. He basically helps get her back on her feet and gives her this opportunity where she’ll be able to go rebuild her life, be with her son, and be the mom she wants to be. So it is a bittersweet happy ending.

Despite everything, was it hard leaving Days?
It was strange and surreal. I spent so many years playing Chloe. I don’t think it’s really hit me yet, that it’s over. I still feel like I work there, because I’m constantly in contact with everyone who works there and I’m still airing. So I still feel like I’m on the show. Soon, the reality of the situation will hit me. Honestly, I might bask in sadness for a while. I think there’s a grieving process that I’ll go through, because I’ve literally spent my entire adult life there. I’m in a very transitional part of my life right now. Change is hard and exciting and scary.

Speaking of scary, are you nervous embarking on a reality show called Dirty Soap and everything that title connotes?
I think [the name] is a little hokey. When we signed up to do the pilot, it was nowhere near sounding anything like that. The premise that attracted us to the show was that it was based on young actors in Hollywood, and the tie that binds us all is soap operas. We either work on them or have worked on them. We all know each other or have worked together. It’s kind of giving a behind-the-scenes look into our professional and personal lives. Hopefully, it will give fans of soaps something really different and fun to watch.

Do you worry at all about how you’ll come off looking?
The scary thing is you don’t know how it’s going to be edited or put together. And you always hear these scary horror stories. Watch it ruins our lives! (Laughing.)

Is it weird just being yourself, as opposed to playing a character?
It’s the weirdest thing in the world, but you do get more comfortable the more the cameras are around. Then, you start to wonder... Because the thing is, you can’t please everybody. Some people are going to love you; some people are going to hate you. And it’s every aspect of your life. Putting yourself out there like this is scary and it’s a gamble, but you can’t worry too much about it.

What’s something people will get to see on Dirty Soap that they never got to see on Days?
Hopefully, my sense of humor. Sometimes I’ll say something and think, I hope people know I’m kidding. I’m sure I’m going to offend somebody at some point.

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