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Catching up with Darin Brooks

From good guy Max on Days of Our Lives to The Bold and the Beautiful bad boy


Catching up with Darin Brooks

Darin Brooks

Courtesy: Getty Images/Jason Merritt
Catching up with Darin Brooks

Molly Burnett and Darin Brooks

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Catching up with Darin Brooks

Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger

Courtesy: Getty Images/Mark Davis

Darin Brooks created a stir back in November 2012, when he took to Twitter and posted, “To Days or not to Days.” According to Brooks, it was just a random tweet. But was there ever an actual meeting between him and the Days of Our Lives brass about a possible return as Max Brady? Find out the answer to that, how Brooks is enjoying his new gig as Wyatt Fuller on The Bold and The Beautiful, and everything else he's been up to since leaving the world of Salem in 2010.

First things first, what was that cryptic tweet all about?

I was just asking the fans, honestly. Some people kind of read into it. I was in the process of trying to figure out what I wanted to do... if i wanted to go back to a soap or not. I was reaching out to the fans to see what people thought. It was just to get the fans riled up and see what they'd say. Obviously, everybody started going crazy about it.

Did you ever actually discuss a return with anyone at Days?

Yes, we were in talks. I was in talks with (executive producer) Greg Meng for a little bit, but the timing just didn't really work out. Then, The Bold and the Beautiful kind of came about. I was like, I'm going to check this out. It was a different character, kind of a more fun character. It worked out perfectly.

So you like playing Wyatt better?

When I was on Days, I played Max Brady, and he was kind of a good guy, a good boy. He was the all around, nice American dude. Now I’m playing Wyatt Fuller who’s a little bit more of a bad boy. He’s little edgier. He’s a little bit of a loose cannon. He wears his feelings on his sleeve, and he has fun messing with people. He’s more of a fun character for me to play.

Days fans were disappointed. The timing seemed right to revisit the Max/Abigail pairing that they teased back when Ashley Benson was playing Abby. Can you believe how her career has taken off?

I know. It's crazy. She's just blown up in this Pretty Little Liars thing.

Your B&B dad, Don Diamont (Bill), is another Days alumnus (ex-Carlo). How have you enjoyed working with him?

We just kind jumped right in and started having fun with it. We’re still exploring Wyatt and Bill's father/son relationship. When I first started, my character got thrown into the tailspin of, Oh my God! I do have a father. He's alive and he’s a billionaire. Wyatt didn’t know how to react to it all. Don, personally, is a great dude. He’s really nice. He’s a pro at this. He's been doing it for so long, and he’s so good.

You delved into nighttime for a while with the Spike TV series Blue Mountain State. What was that experience like?

We did three seasons, and it was fantastic. It was an awesome experience with everybody that I worked with over there -- Chris Romano, Ed Marinaro... Everybody who was a part of it was so cool. It was like a frat house family. Sadly, it got canceled. We are sort of in the process of putting together a movie, because I think we owe it to ourselves to have a senior year. We owe it to the fans, too; to all the people who watched it. The show had a huge following. There are more people watching it now on Netflix than ever before. It's insane, the cult following that BMS has.

Do you keep in touch with anyone from Days?

Occasionally. I've seen Rachel (Melvin, (ex-Chelsea) a couple of times at different auditions. I see people out and about. I saw Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady), when I was in Vegas. He was there doing Rock of Ages and was out having lunch. I've seen Ari (Zucker, Nicole) out and about, Shawn Christian (Daniel)... We don't hang out much, but we'll see each other in passing. It's always good catching up with everybody. The Emmys were fantastic. I got to see everybody all at once.

On the romantic front, you're dating Kelly Kruger (ex-Mac, The Young and the Restless). How did the two of you meet?

It was during the first season of Blue Mountain State. She guest starred on the finale. [My acting teacher] Ivana Chubbuck called me and said, “There's this girl you haven't met, yet. She just moved up into the Thursday night class. She just booked a guest star on your show. Take care of her. Make sure she's good.” I was like, “Yeah, sure.”

And you took things a step further?

Yeah. (Laughs.) The first time we met, I was covered in jello and grease, because I was in the middle of shooting. I was like, “Hey! I'm Darin Brooks. Ivana told me to come and say hi.” It was kind of crazy.... We shot the episode. Then, we got back to LA and were in the same acting class together. We legitimately became best friends for at least three to six months. She knew I was dating a couple of women. She was just getting out of a relationship. We wanted to be respectful of each other. Then we got closer and said, “Let's just give it a shot.” The rest of history.


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