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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Outside, Hope mentions how disappointed she is that Gran’s not there, but at least they have her donuts. Bo sees Chelsea with her date. Daniel requests a beer from Chelsea before he faces Bo. Chelsea hugs Victor, who didn’t know Daniel would be there. Daniel jokes how Chelsea was holding him hostage. Victor asks to have a word with Daniel.

There is chatter and laughter as Chelsea nervously watches Daniel and Victor conversing from afar. Bo and Hope approach Chelsea, where Bo notes that he’s not the only one who has a problem with her date. Chelsea wonders what’s the big deal, since they’re just hanging out and having a good time. “Big deal, is that he’s a hell of a lot older than you are, and a hell of a lot more experienced,” stresses Bo. Chelsea points out that they’re both adults and they’re not hurting anybody. Bo has a feeling Daniel will end up hurting her. Chelsea sarcastically thanks her dad for the vote of confidence, then storms off. Doug recalls a few father/daughter moments when Hope was Chelsea’s age. Hope reminds him that it ended up okay.

Nearby, Victor chews Daniel out for not talking to him first and telling him he was interested in Chelsea. Daniel wasn’t aware he needed Victor’s permission and claims it all happened kind of suddenly. He tries to assure Victor that he’d never do anything to hurt Chelsea. “No, not intentionally,” agrees Victor. Victor assures Daniel he likes him, but doesn’t think he’s good relationship material for Chelsea. “Who are you to be giving relationship advice?” retorts Daniel, as he clarifies that Victor’s had several marriages. Victor just doesn’t want to see Chelsea get hurt. Daniel affirms that he and Chelsea are just hanging out, but has no intentions of it being their last date.

Bo approaches Chelsea in the house and apologizes for upsetting her. Chelsea knows he’s trying to look out for her, but would appreciate it if he gave Daniel and her a chance before jumping to negative conclusions. She reminds her dad how everyone was telling Hope to stay away from him way back when, but Hope didn’t listen and got her happy ending. She would like to say at least she tried and learn something for her next relationship. An impressed Bo wonders when she became so grown-up and wise. Chelsea admits she’s made a lot of mistakes and could be making another one, but it feels really right. Bo agrees that he needs to step back. Chelsea jokes how Bo will have to kick Daniel’s butt if he hurts her. Bo hugs her and smiles how he’ll gladly do that.

Lucas dons a disguise at the Salem Inn wearing a hat and sunglasses and calls Chloe, assuring her he’ll be right there. He hides nearby as an officer is on the phone. The lights flicker. Lucas runs around a corner into an elevator with Chloe. He alerts her that the cop who arrested him for breaking house arrest is in the lobby.

E.J. and Nicole arrive at the Salem Inn, where Nicole feels a bit guilty for splitting from Ava. Nicole notices the flickering lights and E.J. suggests taking the stairs if there’s a power problem. She coaxes him into the elevator and tries to assure him that everything’s going to be fine and they’ll forget about Sami. E.J. doubts he’ll forget about Sami, but he’ll give it a shot. She suggests that all he needs is a little help, then tickles him and makes him laugh. The power goes out and the elevator stops. Nicole displays her champagne which she took from his house. E.J. playfully sprays champagne all over Nicole when she mentions how hot it is in the elevator. She jokes how she’s going to make him take his clothes off for that. They sit down with Nicole's playing cards as E.J. rambles off a list of poker games. Nicole notes how funny he is when he wants to be. E.J. sorts the cards and mentions how Nicole’s come a long way since he met him, as she’s no longer the fall-down self-centered drunk. “You’ve been a very welcome breath of fresh air for me, and you’ve given me some good advice for which I am very grateful,” he confesses. “Then why don’t you take it?” she questions. He suggests that maybe he should, then kisses her.

Back in the elevator, Chloe starts panicking and admits she’s claustrophobic and needs to get out of there now. Lucas tries to calm her down and encourages her to think about good things. Chloe moans how she saw Philip with Morgan again. She declares that it’s over with Philip and asks him what’s going on with Sami. Lucas reveals how he overheard E.J. telling Nicole how Sami admitted to having feelings for him. “Wow. I guess we’re both in a really bad place,” surmises Chloe. She later says she’s feeling better and they begin kissing passionately.

John and Ava are now locked in the DiMera lab due to the power failure. Ava apologizes for sneaking in there, but says she was concerned. She confesses that she overheard him talking to Marlena, and she didn’t want her talking him into something which he might regret. John assumes she came to destroy his disk, but she claims she acted on impulse since she doesn’t want to lose him. She suggests he destroy the disk before someone changes his mind. Marlena slowly walks over to the lab and overhears Ava trying to convince John to destroy to disk. She begs him not to listen to Ava and throw his life away. “Open the door!” she pleads. John breaks the disk and destroys the lab as Marlena cries outside begging him to stop.

Back at Bo and Hope’s house, Victor agrees to ease off Daniel for the moment, but affirms that he’ll keep an eye out. Julie announces to everyone that Alice just called and Salem is experiencing a blackout. Doug mentions how it’s a good thing Bo and Hope went solar. The power goes out at the house, so Bo and Hope go check things out. Daniel approaches Chelsea and mentions that her family’s just concerned about her. Chelsea apologizes for that. He kisses her.

Meanwhile, the gang oohs and ahhs over the fireworks display as Bo attempts to fix the solar power. He tells Hope that he agreed to back off Daniel. Chelsea kisses Daniel again as lights come back on at their house. Everyone sees the passionate exchange between Daniel and Chelsea.

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