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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Swift Resolution


Nicole Remembers

In prison, Nicole wonders how it could possibly be Anna who took Sydney, recalling how Anna was always running off on her trips. She flashes back to Anna telling her to take care of her "little sweepea." She soon realizes that it was indeed Anna. Nicole insists to Lois the guard that she needs to get to a phone before it's too late. Lois refuses to comply. Nicole hints that she knows wealthy people, so she could help Lois.

Anna is still on the plane waiting to take off for San Jose, Costa Rica. She answers her phone to none other than Nicole, who implores her to come to Statesville and keep her company. Anna insists that she can't, since she's on a plane about to leave. Nicole tells her to get off the plane so she can visit. "And why would I do that?" asks Anna. "Oh, Anna. We both know exactly why," laughs Nicole. Anna refuses to listen and hangs up. Nicole believes Anna will come to the prison.

Fay comes to visit Nicole, who claims she's happy because she has hope for the first time in a long time. Nicole has a feeling that things are turning around for her, keeping mum what she knows about Anna. Fay doesn't understand how things are turning around. Nicole can't tell Fay the statistics, but encourages her mom to trust her. Fay rehashes Nicole's sins and urges her to face reality. Nicole tells Fay to just leave. Fay asks Nicole to promise not to do anything foolish. Nicole promises her mom that she'll never hear from her again, then says goodbye.

Nicole talks to herself before Lois announces that she has another visitor. Anna arrives to see Nicole, wanting to know why she made ridiculous insinuations. A complacent Nicole recalls something Sami said to her. "You bitch! You stole my daughter!" accuses Nicole.

Carly, Hope, and Justin

On the pier, a bitter Hope quips how Carly has a heart of gold, since Carly is offering to plead guilty and step aside so Hope can reconcile with Bo. She tells Carly to take her patronizing little offer and go straight to hell with it. Justin overhears, and Carly counters that it wasn't an offer, she's going to let everyone move on. Justin warns Carly that she could be imprisoned today, which Carly is aware of. Carly asks for a moment alone with Hope.

Carly apologizes for offending Hope before and thanks her for trying with Melanie. Hope believes it's wrong for Carly to go to jail in order to protect Melanie. Carly still insists on pleading guilty and going to jail. Hope apologizes for what Carly has been through and what she's going through now, then walks off. Carly wipes her tears away as Justin reemerges. He tries to convince Carly to change her mind, but she refuses.

Carly is later at the courthouse awaiting her hearing and flashes back to better moments with Melanie. She comes back to reality and says the moments are gone now.

University Hospital

Stephanie approaches Nathan and needs to talk to him about the two of them and about Melanie.

Inside Melanie's room, Max tells his sister that Chelsea and Billie are doing well. Melanie cries how she missed Max and just needs to get out of the hospital. Daniel enters. "How about now?" he asks. Melanie is delighted to hear she will soon be released. Daniel smiles how good it is to see Max. He asks about Chelsea. Max says she's good, but she's been busy. Daniel agrees to give the siblings time to catch up.

After Daniel leaves the room, Max admits that Daniel is a good dude. Melanie begins to cry when Max says he has to go. He assures her that he's only a phone call away and asks her to promise to try and accept her situation, reminding her that she has a whole new family now. She insists that all she needs is Max. He reminds her that she has a mom and dad now, but Melanie says she doesn't need Carly. He encourages her to give Daniel a chance. They exchange "I love yous" and embrace.

Daniel later notes to Melanie how close she and Max seem. He sits down with Melanie, who thanks him for saving her life. "Can we not talk about Dr. Manning, ever?" asks Melanie. Daniel stutters a bit before saying it won't be that easy. Melanie reminds Daniel that Carly hurt him too. Daniel insists that Carly's the reason he's her father. Melanie doesn't really know what to think about Carly or Vivian, but she's just eager to get out and get home. She asks Daniel if they could possibly hang out, suggesting it could help her figure out who she is. He thinks it's a good idea and leaves the room to get her paperwork. He soon answers the phone to Justin. "Oh my God," he says.

Melanie is later dressed and ready to leave. Daniel re-enters the room and reveals that he just got off the phone with Justin, and Carly is pleading guilty and could be sentenced today. He insists that the only person who can help her is Melanie, who panics that she needs more time.

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