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Two Daytime Vets Return to DAYS

Published on June 18, 2009


Crystal Chappell

Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning)

Steven Henry / 2007 Getty Images

Daytime Emmy winner and former DAYS star Crystal Chappell is returning to her role as Dr. Carly Manning, a.k.a. Katerina Von Leuschner, in September, as reported by TV Guide Magazine. Just four days after the news about Chappell was released, Soap Opera Digest reported that another Daytime Emmy winner, Wally Kurth, was returning to his former role on DAYS as Justin Kiriakis. With the drastic cast changes the show has experienced this year, news of two familiar faces from the past reprising their roles has given some fans renewed hope.

Long-time DAYS fans may recall that Crystal Chappell portrayed Dr. Carly Manning from June of 1990 until October of 1993. Carly, a woman on the run from her past, first met up with Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis on a beach in Tahiti, and the two convinced her to come to Salem. She was actually revealed to be Katerina Von Leuschner and part of a very powerful and wealthy European family. Carly was best friends with Jennifer Horton, married Victor Kiriakis, and romanced Bo, who was grieving over Hope’s presumed death. She was also the doctor who faced the task of breaking the news to her friend Isabella Black that she had pancreatic cancer. Perhaps the most unforgettable storyline during her three-year tenure as Carly was when Vivian Alamain injected Carly with special herbs to make her appear dead. Thus, Carly was buried alive. When Carly recovered, she believed the year was 1983, the year she romanced her former love James, a.k.a. Lawrence Alamain. Carly’s memory returned and her love for Lawrence resurfaced. As a result, she and Lawrence left town in October 1993 with their son Nikki, a.k.a Nicholas Alamain.

During her sixteen-year absence from DAYS, Crystal portrayed Maggie Carpenter on One Life to Live from 1995-1997. She also made guest appearances on Walker, Texas Ranger and Silk Stalkings. Many soap fans know her best as Olivia Spencer on CBS’s Guiding Light, a role she has portrayed since 1999. The talented actress won a Daytime Emmy in 2002 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Olivia and received four other consecutive Daytime Emmy nominations from 2005-2008. Incidentally, she is married to former DAYS co-star Michael Sabatino (ex-Lawrence), whom she met on the set of DAYS. The couple have two sons named Jacob and Dylan.

Many fans also recall that Wally Kurth portrayed Justin Kiriakis from 1987 until 1991. When Justin first emerged onto the Salem scene as Victor’s nephew, he was known as a ladies’ man who bedded more than his fair share of women. He met and fell in love with the troubled Adrienne Johnson, and the two became a supercouple hit with numerous fans. The two had a rocky road and had their share of troubles, which included Justin’s illegal dealings with the Kiriakis business, Adrienne’s miscarriage, and Justin’s attempt to kill Emilio Ravirez, who had an affair with Adrienne. Justin also had an affair with Angelica Devereaux when he first came to town and also slept with her during his marriage to Adrienne. As a result, Angelica became pregnant and gave birth to their son Alexander. Justin and Adrienne also adopted twin boys along the way and had another son of their own before moving to Texas and starting the A.J. Construction Company.

Judi Evans reprised her role of Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis in May of 2007. Justin, along with his and Adrienne’s four sons, returned to Salem as well, but they were never seen. In January 2008, Justin, Adrienne, and their sons moved to Dubai. Many fans can only hope that Daytime Emmy winner Judi Evans returns as Adrienne, as it would be wonderful to see Justin and Adrienne together on our screens again.

Soap fans also know Wally as Ned Ashton on General Hospital, a role which he portrayed from 1991 until 2007. He also played Sam Hutchins on As the World Turns from 2007 until 2008. Those who tune into SOAPnet may recall back in 2004 when Wally hosted his own show entitled 1 Day With..., in which he spent one day with a different soap star each week. Additionally, Wally is the lead singer and guitarist for his band called Kurth and Taylor. He won a Daytime Emmy in 2002 for Outstanding Original Song on General Hospital for the song “Barefoot Ballet.” Wally shared this award with Christian Taylor and lyricist Debi Cochran.

Crystal will return to DAYS in September and is expected to first air in October. Wally is scheduled to first air as Justin beginning Monday, August 10. What type of storyline these two characters will have the second time around remains to be seen, but with these two experienced and talented vets, they surely won’t disappoint fans.

Updated June 23: Don't look for Daytime Emmy winner Judi Evans (ex-Bonnie/ex-Adrienne) to show up on DAYS anytime soon. Looks like Justin Kiriakis will be returning to Salem in August without Adrienne, since Judi has landed a role on As the World Turns, according to Soap Opera Digest.

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