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November 19-23 DAYS Spoilers


November 19-23 DAYS Spoilers

Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip Kiriakis)

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2007 NBC Universal

Monday, November 19:

Sami manages to convince EJ of her feelings for him. EJ requests for Johnny to stay with Sami. Roman threatens to arrest Kate in regards to EJ's shooting. Bo takes Steve to the police station, along with the gun from the pub. Philip begs Belle to call off her upcoming wedding to Shawn.

Tuesday, November 20:

Belle discovers that Hope spilled her secret to Kayla. Hope offers Belle her blessing. Kayla finds her daughter with a home pregnancy test. Sami painfully reads Will's farewell letter. Lucas states his custody intentions to Sami.

Wednesday, November 21:

Shawn overhears Bo and Hope's discussion regarding Philip and Belle. Philip and Belle nearly make love on the eve of her wedding. Philip makes an accusation against Belle. Shawn asks Philip not to attend his wedding to Belle. Stephanie and Kayla await the results of the pregancy test. Steve finds out about his daughter's pregnancy test. After Ford threatens the sorority girls, Chelsea slugs him.

Thursday, November 22:

DAYS will not be seen today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 23:

The Bradys and Hortons gather together for a Thanksgiving wedding. Billie keeps Philip company on Shawn and Belle's wedding day. Belle can't get Philip out of her mind. Hope listens to her future daughter-in-law's voicemails. Lucas announces the name of his baby girl, which angers Sami. Marlena begs Stefano to let Sami go. Marlena vows to kill the elder DiMera. Stefano offers to let Sami leave EJ in exchange for Marlena.

Additional Spoilers:

Sami kisses EJ in an effort to convince him of her feelings.

Stefano affirms that he'll leave the Bradys alone as long as EJ's alive.

Kate makes a confession to Roman.

Roman offers an explanation for the gun which Steve hid at the pub.

Philip pleads the "fifth" when questioned about Kate's gun.

The suspects are revealed in EJ's shooting .

Philip is desperate to stop the wedding.

Philip heads to the Cheatin' Heart, where Max advises him to move on.

Hope prepares for the Thanksgiving wedding.

Marlena makes a deal with Stefano.

Stephanie's pregancy test turns out to be negative.

The sorority girls team up to expose Ford as a rapist.

Sami learns that Will has left Salem.

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