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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Border and Her Repulsive Little Mutt


Stefano smiles at the thought of another heir and beams to Nicole how he’s overwhelmed with pride and joy. Softie Stefano assures Nicole she can stay, along with her “adorable little dog.” He tells Nicole to consider this her home in every sense of the word. Nicole thanks him for the welcome. Stefano eagerly asks when his grandson is due. E.J. reminds him that they don’t know yet whether it’s a boy or girl. Nicole then feels a little kick, enthusing how strong it is. E.J. feels her abdomen, but doesn’t feel anything and suggests that maybe she imagined it. Stefano feels it and enthuses that he is as perhaps strong as a little bull, predicting the baby will be a little hellraiser. Nicole and Stefano quickly bond over her bundle of joy.

Stefano proposes a celebration and pours sparkling cider for Nicole. “To life, to happiness, and the next generation of DiMeras. The dynasty continues. Salud,” he toasts.

Horton Cabin

Lucas needs to leave for a meeting and asks Sami if she’ll be okay. Sami unenthusiastically claims she’ll be fine. Lucas questions how her visit went with E.J. and if she told him about the baby. She relays how she told E.J. that Nicole’s baby was a sign for the two of them to be together. Lucas declares that he’s had it and she’s on her own. Sami sarcastically thanks him for nothing. Lucas rants how wrong it is for her to hide her pregnancy and believes it’s the stupidest thing she’s ever done. Sami is sick to death of his lectures. Lucas rehashes the night he came home from prison and believes E.J. will remember and quickly figure out that the baby is indeed his. He questions how Sami will explain the whole situation to E.J. Sami fears that her baby will be at Stefano’s mercy if she doesn’t find a way to keep the truth from E.J. Lucas believes E.J. will protect the baby. He admits E.J.’s a jerk, but also admits that his nemesis is caring, noting the way he cares about Johnny. Sami doubts it will be enough with E.J. having three babies to worry about.

Sami begs Lucas to help hide her pregnancy from E.J., but Lucas warns her that both Stefano and E.J. will find out and will be very pissed off that she hid her pregnancy from them. Sami asks Lucas to claim paternity, believing it’s her only hope. Lucas flat out refuses, calling it insane. Sami demands an explanation from him as to why he won’t do it. She mentions how E.J. remembers how upset Lucas was when he walked in on them that night. She theorizes that E.J. will believe their story that she seduced Lucas, since he still loved her and was fresh out of prison. “You did try to seduce me and I did resist!” recalls Lucas. Sami insists that they can convince E.J. that it’s Lucas’s baby. Lucas mocks how it’s one hell of a trick and refuses to have any part of it. Sami questions how it’s wrong to give her baby a normal life. Lucas argues that it’s not normal for a baby to call him “Dad” when he’s not the father. He questions how she’s going to play it off when the baby comes out looking like E.J. Sami claims the baby will look like her.

Lucas refers to the whole situation as unfair. Sami cries that he promised her. “I promised you that I wouldn’t be the one to tell E.J.,” clarifies Lucas, warning her that the DiMeras will find out. Sami whines how her baby will be doomed and it will be Lucas’s fault. Lucas yells at her not to lay the guilt trip on him. Sami theorizes that Lucas is refusing to help her because he’s afraid of losing Chloe. She chastises him for implying that his “little sex kitten” is more important than her child’s life. Lucas tells her she’s way out of line and the situation has nothing to do with Chloe. Sami begs him not to leave, insisting that she really needs his help and doesn’t know what to do. Lucas still refuses to be involved in her schemes, referring to it as a horror show. She begs him again, but Lucas asserts that he won’t be a part of the scenario.

Sami later cries alone, wondering what she’s going to do. She gathers her composure and looks through the phonebook, then circles a number, insisting it’s the only way. She attempts to hold back her tears as she picks up the phone to call someone.

Lucas returns home and calls for Sami, but she’s nowhere to be found. He leaves a message on her phone, apologizing for upsetting her earlier and asking her to come back to the cabin so they can talk. He then discovers the phonebook open and sees Brookville Clinic circled, assuming that Sami has gone to get an abortion. He makes a beeline out of there.

Brookville Clinic

A nurse named Janice instructs Sami to get into a gown before the doctor arrives. The nurse later takes her blood pressure and asks if there’s someone with her today, but Sami says no and is eager to get things moving. The nurse proceeds to get Dr. Sanders. She then returns and asks Sami if she has any last minute requests or concerns, but Sami just wants to get it over with. Dr. Sanders then enters the room and asks if she’s ready. “Yes I am,” replies Sami.

Lucas arrives at the clinic and asks a nurse if a beautiful blond woman named Sami is there. Meanwhile, the doctor tells Sami it may hurt, but encourages her to try and relax. The nurse is unable to give out any information to Lucas. Lucas claims he’s her husband and has to talk to her before it’s too late. The nurse proceeds to see what she can do. Lucas receives a call from Chloe, who’s at the cabin and wants to talk to him. He tries to blow her off, but Chloe overhears a nurse in the background and quickly figures out that he’s at the Brookville Clinic. Chloe questions what he’s doing there. A nervous Lucas says he can’t talk right now. The nurse assures Lucas that his “wife” is in the exam room nearby. Lucas hangs up on Chloe. “His wife?” questions a incredulous Chloe. Lucas enters the room to find a distressed Sami. “Oh God, Sami!” he gasps.

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