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April 19 - April 23 Days of Our Lives Spoilers


April 19 - April 23 Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Nadia Bjorlin and Jay Kenneth Johnson (Chloe and Philip)

Paul Drinkwater / Copyright 2007 NBC Universal

Please note: These spoilers are updated on a continuous basis, so post a link rather than copying and pasting so others may receive the full benefit of the latest updates.

Monday, April 19:

  • Stefano proposes a truce to Sami, but she refuses.
  • Stefano loses his temper with Sami and nearly reveals E.J.'s true feelings.
  • Rafe suspects that Stefano has something on E.J.
  • Sami is surprised that Rafe is still working on Sydney's kidnapping case.
  • Nathan is upset over losing his patient and makes an admission to Melanie.
  • Lexie finds an unconscious Abe on the docks.
  • Adrienne and Hope discuss their feelings for Justin.
  • Hope makes a surprising remark to Ciara about Justin.

Tuesday, April 20:

  • Hope is mortified after Ciara recounts what her mommy said about Uncle Justin.
  • Hope learns Abe was mugged on the docks.
  • Hope receives a call from Ciara's teacher, who reveals that Ciara stole something at school.
  • Daniel overhears Chloe talking trash about Carly to Nicole.
  • Daniel and Chloe get into a huge argument about Carly.
  • Nicole and Arianna learn they'll be working together for Titan TV.

Wednesday, April 21:

  • Vivian overhears Chloe expressing her hatred for Carly.
  • Vivian plots to make Chloe a pawn in her revenge against Carly.
  • Daniel prepares for his private surgery to correct his double vision.
  • Nicole and Arianna get into an argument while working together.
  • Hope finds Ciara in her room.

Thursday, April 22:

  • Philip sees Nathan kissing Melanie at Maggie's house and assumes his wife is cheating on him.
  • Hope sneaks out to a poker game and runs into a familiar face: Dr. Baker!
  • E.J. contemplates sharing his true feelings with Sami.
  • E.J. suggests that Sami and the kids move in with him.

Friday, April 23:

  • Philip and Chloe have sex after believing their significant others are having affairs.
  • Philip and Chloe set out to confront their respective partners.
  • Melanie comes clean to Philip, who realizes he was mistaken.
  • Rafe can't get Sami off his mind.
  • Rafe goes to visit Sami and finds E.J. at her place.
  • Hope, who clearly isn't herself, reveals her secret agenda to a poker player.

Additional Spoilers:

  • Kate reminds her daughter-in-law of her obligations to Philip.
  • Nathan and Melanie continue to struggle with their feelings for one another.
  • Hope confides in Justin about the problems with Ciara.
  • Justin lays into Victor for treating him like dirt.
  • Vivian makes Chloe believe that Daniel and Carly are having an affair.
  • Vivian pays a nurse to tell Chloe that Daniel and Carly went to a motel together.
  • Vivian pays a motel clerk to tell Chloe that Daniel checked in.
  • Philip and Chloe get drunk and find comfort with one another.
  • Hope turns to sleeping pills, which cause her to behave very strangely.
  • Hope confronts Ciara about stealing at school.

Coming Up:

  • E.J. is attacked.
  • Hope seeks more pills.
  • Mia tries to make Chad jealous.
  • Stefano lays down the law with Madeline Peterson Woods.
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