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Monday, September 14, 2009

Plea Bargain


Roman and Arianna

Roman brings Arianna breakfast to her motel room, hoping she changed her mind about quitting. She expresses how terrible she feels about it, since it was her idea to go undercover in the first place. He interrupts and states that she’s closing in on a guy who runs a drug ring in town, and they could put him away for a long time. He urges her not to just walk away, as it’s not that simple. Arianna insists that she can’t do it. Roman demands to know what the hell is going on, yelling how they’re close to busting the guy and can put him away. “I fell in love,” she confesses.

Roman wonders what he did to deserve this. Arianna insists that it’s also about the operation, and refers to the guy she’s in love with as smart, and someone who could figure things out. She reveals that the guy is Brady Black, a recovering drug addict. She insists that Brady can’t find out about her past.

Roman predicts if a guy like Brady Black finds out that a beautiful, strong, wonderful woman like Ari has a past and changes how he feels about her, then he’s a total jerk and doesn’t deserve her. He warns that if she drops out of the program right now, Brady will know about her past. He predicts that it won’t be long before she and Brady will be waltzing into the sunset together. “It’s for her own good. Keep telling yourself that,” says Roman after he walks out.

The Park

Brady approaches Mary and Sydney, jokingly asking Sydney if she has her driver’s license yet. Mary says she’s getting another tooth, and Brady jokes about taking Sydney on a date when she gets a couple more teeth. E.J. emerges and tells Brady to keep his hands off his daughter. Brady apologizes to Mary for getting her into trouble. E.J. assures Mary that she’s not in any trouble and she can go home.

Afterwards, Brady calls E.J. a total jerk. E.J. suggests that Brady get going. Brady wonders if E.J. is going to hire someone to take a shot at him, kidnap him, or put a bullet in his chest. He dares Elvis to make a move, then figures that his enemy wouldn’t try anything with just the two of them. E.J. admits that decking Brady is very hard to resist. Brady is sure E.J. has a guy for hire nearby to do it for him. E.J. doesn’t think he’ll ever understand why Nicole decided to take Brady back into her life. Brady begins to talk about Nicole risking something, but decides to walk away, leaving E.J. wondering what his wife risked.

Java Cafe

Rafe is on the computer trying to find out why Nicole wanted Sami to give birth at Dr. Baker’s clinic. He calls Sarah the clinic nurse to meet him. He vows to find out what Nicole did.

Sarah soon arrives, although she admits that she’s not comfortable talking to Rafe. He reveals that Dr. Baker is dead, and Nicole Walker killed him. He just wants to understand what happened and why. Sarah insists that she doesn’t know what Dr. Baker was up to and had no idea what Nicole was doing at the clinic that night. “A baby born at your clinic died,” he further reveals, referring to Grace. Sarah apologizes, reiterating that she doesn’t know anything. Rafe informs her that Grace died of bacterial meningitis five months after she was born at Baker’s clinic. He wonders if it’s possible that Nicole did something to make his baby sick. Sarah wonders why anyone would try to kill a defenseless baby.

Sarah insists that Nicole couldn’t have done anything to the baby, since there was too much time in between the birth and the baby getting sick. She states the horrible thing about meningitis, in how quickly it progresses. Rafe can’t help but wonder what Nicole was doing at the clinic that night. Sarah refuses to talk to him anymore and walks out.

Sami and Nicole

Sami answers her door to Nicole, who urges her to call Rafe off. Sami states that Rafe doesn’t listen to her. “Well then make him listen or I’m gonna...,” threatens Nicole. “You’re gonna what?” interjects Sami, who wonders if she’s threatening Rafe. Nicole complains how Rafe is practically stalking her, revealing that he dragged her to a convent and tried to get a nun to say she had done something terrible to hurt Sami and Grace. Nicole refuses to let Rafe tear her life apart because he can’t deal with reality. “He’s grieving, Nicole, and we don’t all do it the same way!” exclaims Sami. Nicole claims that she’s scared for Rafe, trying to convince Sami that he needs professional help and is delusional.

Sami defends Rafe, recalling how he helped her through the most difficult time in her life, which she’ll never forget. Nicole apologizes. Sami believes Nicole doesn’t know what it’s like, having three children who count on her. She doesn’t care what E.J. says. “Rafe was her father! He would’ve thrown himself in front of a train for that little girl!” exclaims Sami, who cries how Nicole comes into her house and drops the bomb that Rafe is crazy. Nicole reiterates her apology to Sami for upsetting her. Sami refuses to let Nicole turn her against Rafe no matter what. Nicole refers to E.J. as volatile now, thinking that if Sami could get Rafe off her back, they could avert another catastrophe. Sami understands, but would rather be alone right now. Nicole asks Sami to try not to be upset with her, then leaves. Sami soon decides to head out.

Maggie’s House

Daniel arrives, and Nathan has the test results back on the gardening gloves Kate was wearing. Unfortunately, there’s no match to the poison. Daniel fears they’re running out of time with Chloe and insists that she needs another dose of the drug, and Nathan will have to do it. Nathan wants to help in any way he can, but he can’t do it. Daniel warns that Chloe will die without the antidote. Melanie steps in and offers to give Chloe the drug. Nathan takes Melanie aside and insists that she can’t do this, pointing out that she’s just a nursing student and he’s the intern. “If you get in trouble, you can’t be a doctor. If I get in trouble, I get kicked out of nursing school,” states Melanie, before quipping what a horror it would be. Nathan and Melanie continue to argue as Daniel takes a call from Justin, who is at the hospital.

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