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Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 3 to 7


Shawn Christian

Shawn Christian

Courtesy: NBC/Justin Lubin
Monday, December 3

Brady tells Kristen he overheard her confess that she had feelings for him.

Nick lays out his plan to Will: he wants to marry Gabi and raise the baby as his own.

Jennifer is crushed, when Daniel reveals the treatment failed and there are no other options for his hand tremors.

Maggie and Nicole blame Jennifer for getting Daniel’s hopes up.

Daniel asks Jennifer to keep her distance, not wanting her pity.

When Daniel rebuffs her friendship, Nicole rails against Jennifer and Daniel tosses her out.

Nicole admits Eric was right: she has to face her demons.

DVR Alert: Kristen and Brady give in to temptation and have sex.

Tuesday, December 4

Kristen awakens and announces that she and Brady made a huge mistake.

After Brady leaves, Kristen phones John, saying she needs to see him.

Marlena is suspicious when she finds a lipstick that John dropped, and Kate confirms it could be Kristen’s.

Billie reveals she saw John going into the Salem Inn where Kristen is staying.

Sami and EJ arrive to talk to Eric, and Sami is appalled to learn Nicole is working for him.

Nicole realizes EJ is trying to get Sami back and assures him it won’t work, because she loves Rafe.

Gabi tells Rafe that Nick wants to marry her and tries to convince Will to go along with the plan.

Rafe walks in on a close moment between Sami and EJ.

DVR Alert: Marlena goes to Kristen’s hotel room and finds her in the throes of passion.

Wednesday, December 5

Although Kristen sees Marlena, she keeps mum about the intrusion to Brady.

Brady expresses his desire to see where their relationship might go, but Kristen argues against it.

Kristen meets with EJ and reveals that someone is about to get the shock of their life.

John promises nothing is going on between him and Kristen, and Marlena believes him, having witnessed her romp with Brady.

Rafe meets Eric, and the two men have a chat about Sami.

Will agrees to Nick’s plan.

Gabi arrives and tells Rafe that she and Nick are definitely getting married.

Rafe finds Sami and asks for her help with Gabi.

After learning Gabi is pregnant and planning to marry Nick, Sonny realizes that was the secret Will was keeping.

DVR Alert: Will talks to Eric about being gay, and Eric vows to support his nephew.

Thursday, December 6

Marlena prepares to tell John the truth about Brady and Kristen.

EJ tries to interest Kristen in “distracting” Rafe, but she declines, noting she has her hands full.

Brady’s cool demeanor makes Marlena realize Kristen never told him she saw them having sex.

Kristen tracks down Marlena and braces herself for a showdown, when John arrives.

Maggie encourages Daniel to go to the cabin on Smith Island to forget his troubles.

Jennifer confesses to Abigail that she’s plagued with guilt about ruining Daniel’s life.

Nicole hears Eric crying out from another nightmare, but he gets testy when she questions him about it.

Eric sends Nicole to pick something up from Maggie, and she overhears that Daniel is at Smith Island.

Abigail overhears Cameron making a date and realizes he’s moved on.

Jennifer badgers Maxine until she reveals Daniel’s whereabouts.

DVR Alert: Nicole follows Daniel to the cabin to offer him comfort and is livid when Jennifer arrives.

Friday, December 7

To Kristen’s surprise, Marlena ‘fesses up to John about breaking into her hotel room.

When John is called away, Kristen questions why Marlena didn’t say anything about her and Brady.

Marlena insists Brady and Kristen's affair is their business and their news to tell.

After another romp with Brady, Kristen suggests they tell John all, but Brady decides it’s best to keep their relationship a secret.

Daniel is thrown to see Jennifer and asks Nicole to give them a minute alone to talk.

Sami confesses to Eric that she’s still confused about him becoming a priest.

Eric tries to explain things, though it’s clear there’s something he’s not revealing.

Maggie and Sami worry that Eric’s setting himself up for a fall by trying to help Nicole.

DVR Alert: When Jennifer collapses, Daniel examines her, realizes she has appendicitis, and tells Nicole they need to get to a hospital.

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