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Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 12 to 16


Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 12 to 16

Eric Martsolf

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Monday, November 12

Marlena finds John sleeping next to Kristen at the cabin.

Despite Kristen and John’s explanation, Marlena believes Kristen set the whole thing up.

Hope tells Jennifer the D.A. wants to talk to her about pressing charges against Nicole.

Jennifer visits Nicole, who admits she’s not sorry for what happened and hates her.

Daniel is concerned, when Jennifer reveals she spoke to the D.A.

After a run in with Kristen, Brady realizes she and John were together.

Abigail interrupts a moment between EJ and Johnny, and she and EJ have an honest talk about loss.

Chad tries to screw up Nick’s meeting with his parole officer, but Gabi intervenes.

DVR Alert: Hope arrives, and Nicole fears she’s going to arrest her.

Tuesday, November 13

Daniel embraces Jennifer, after she reveals she’s decided not to press charges against Nicole.

Nicole is relieved, when Hope announces she’s not facing charges.

Daniel makes amends with Nicole, who realizes he doesn’t love her and she’s all alone.

Will runs into Lucas and Sami and chastises Lucas for putting negative thoughts about Sonny in his head.

Nicole spies a familiar figure jogging by in the square: Eric Brady.

Will and Sonny meet, talk things out, and happily reconcile.

Jennifer and Daniel admit they miss their friendship and want to see more of each other.

DVR Alert: Gabi receives shocking news from Cameron: she's pregnant.

Wednesday, November 14

John pulls Marlena away, when she happens upon Kristen and immediately lays into her.

Marlena warns John that if he lets his guard down and Kristen hurts someone, it will be on his head.

Kristen offers to leave Countess Wilhelmina, so EJ can take over and be Sami’s boss.

EJ realizes Kristen’s offer comes with a price: he’ll have to make up with stefano.

Stefano is pleased, when EJ calls and asks to come back into the DiMera family.

John expresses his gratitude, when Kristen tells him she’s stepping down at Countess Wilhelmina, a move she hopes will put Marlena at ease.

Marlena receives a mysterious text that gets her attention.

Nicole is stunned, when she comes face-to-face with Eric.

DVR Alert: Will and Sonny have sex.

Thursday, November 15

Brady spies Kristen and John sharing a tender moment.

John defends Kristen, and Brady thinks he’s a fool.

Marlena texts Roman to alert him that Eric’s back in Salem.

Nicole is stunned to learn Eric has become a priest.

Marlena, Roman and Sami arrive to see Eric, and Sami warns him to steer clear of Nicole.

Jennifer returns to work at the hospital and tells Daniel she’d like to speak to him, privately.

Daniel worries his profession of love made Jennifer uncomfortable and that she’s about to let him down easy.

Kristen attends a church meeting and learns Brady has taken John’s place on the board.

DVR Alert: Gabi tells Will she's pregnant with his baby.

Friday, November 16

Brady reveals he cancelled the board meeting and a fight escalates as he presses Kristen to leave Salem.

Kristen runs off and is accosted by a mugger.

Brady rescues Kirsten, but is knocked unconscious.

A panicked Kristen phones John, but Marlena erases the message before listening to it.

EJ taunts Nicole, assuring her Daniel will never forgive what she did to Jennifer.

Eric finds a down and out Nicole, and she prepares to confess her sins.

Jennifer tells Daniel she’s found a clinical trial that might stop his hand tremors and help him regain his surgical career.

DVR Alert: Sami learns EJ has returned to the DiMera fold and is her new boss.

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