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Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 24 to 28, 2013


Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 24 to 28, 2013

Chandler Massey

Courtesy: Adam Campbell/ACP
Monday, June 24

Despite Sonny, Sami and EJ’s protests, Will is determined to take responsibility for his mother’s situation.

Kristen tries to escape after carrying out her devious plot, but runs into a roadblock.

Sami is taken aback when she finally realizes how much Rafe means to Kate.

Abigail and Chad grow close after a day at the amusement park

Cameron confronts Abigail about the future of their relationship.

DVR Alert: Will confesses all to Abe.

Tuesday, June 25

Kristen is furious when Dr. Chyka reveals a tiny hitch in her plan.

Nicole comes to Eric’s rescue.

Chad admits to Abigail that he’s been manipulating her.

Will, Sonny, Gabi and Arianna settle into their new living arrangement.

DVR Alert: Nick and Gabi try to figure out where they stand.

Wednesday, June 26

Eric struggles to remember what happened to him.

Brady and Nicole react to Daniel’s theory about it all.

Chad makes it clear to Abigail and Cameron that he wants to be with Abigail.

DVR Alert: Sonny warns Adrienne that if she's going to make him choose between her and Will, he's choosing Will.

Thursday, June 27

Eric is grateful when Nicole finds a way to save the school project.

Kristen and Marlena have a tense encounter.

Cameron questions Abigail about the secret she shares with Chad.

DVR Alert: Jennifer is horrified when she learns JJ has been arrested!

Friday, June 28

Sami worries when she realizes her case is much bleaker than she imagined.

EJ begins his plan to bring down Stefano.

Adrienne continues to argue with Justin over his decision to represent Sami.

Will is touched when he overhears Sonny defending him to Adrienne.

JJ sees Jennifer and Daniel kissing and realizes how to use this to his advantage.

b>DVR Alert: Justin accuses Adrienne of tearing apart their family.

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